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The Odyssey of My Eyebrows

“Why don’t you shave your eyebrows?!” Said stupid middle school boy. Actually, many middle school boys asked me that absurd question. They also asked why I didn’t pluck or wax, or even more dumbly, asked why my eyebrows were so big. 872 more words


I was a threading virgin.

I have now lost my threading virginity.

Before embarking on my trip to see family I haven’t seen in say 5+ years, I decided that I should get my eyebrows done before I leave (because they were getting bushy and a little cray) and I just wanted to look ‘polished'(?). 445 more words



People always say eyes are the windows to your soul, therefore eyebrows should be your curtains. This may be a stupid statement but it’s also true to an extent. 180 more words

Beautiful Brows On A Budget

Pluck, Wax, or Thread on my!!! Tis the season to be beautiful! I know that you are preparing for your company party or family gathering for the holidays and you want to look your best, but at a budget!! 444 more words

The wonders of sugaring

I have been introduced to this new, natural beauty product called Sugaring. I go to this lovely beautician who owns a salon called Divine in Leeds. 324 more words


Revamped A-Tap Splash Page

Did you know that there is a special splash page dedicated to our multi-purpose A-Tap series? Take a look: http://bit.ly/1yZ22Bb