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Twill Tablet Weave Pattern

I have a want list of patterns for tablet weaving. One is twill.

See, I have seen this in plenty of photos but no pattern except to say ‘two light threads and two dark threads’. 75 more words

Card Weave

Eyebrows 101

If you say that you don’t want a strong eyebrow game, you’re kidding yourself. Eyebrows are key to the face, they’re are essential and can either make or break your entire look. 408 more words


I’ve been practicing my eyeshadow skills, and trying to make my eyebrows thinner. Using an angled shadow brush to try the fade this week, but my hairs are just too dark! 23 more words

Arch Angelz is coming to Barrow!

We will be opening towards the end of May in Debenhams at the Portland Walk Shopping Centre!

We’ll be celebrating the opening with some great promotions & offers, so make sure you Like us over on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know! :) (Click Photo)

Using async await from asp.net event (from non async method)

So I started fiddling with the async await feature of .net 4.5. Then I thought I’ll try it on a web app, but I ran into some trouble starting it from an event (like button click) which by default is protected void. 207 more words


Terrain Destruction Struggles

Bleugh… So much hate for the physics ACW that has been assigned. It is a nightmare to get threads to work with networking. I hate C++… 135 more words

Fort Worth: Brows

I used to be a huge fan of waxing my eyebrows, in fact, I swore by it. Vanity Room is one of the greatest waxing boutiques I’ve ever been to- great customer service, phenomenal at what they do and an overall stellar environment. 350 more words