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Threads of Myth

A story was told once

It was turned, spun

It unraveled with bravery

Each thread was undone-

Meshed together anew,

It had begun to remember who, 235 more words


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Advanced critique thing

Lesha – http://tagfreak.net/forum/index.php?/topic/37011-old-advanced-critique-thing/

Need a hand with where you currently are in your tagging skills? Post some pieces in here and have people give you a hand in how to improve your craft. 213 more words



I find myself once again in free fall.

Not yet here, but not yet fully there either. Betwixt and between. Scattered across the floor, like the beads of a cheap necklace whose string snapped under tension. 166 more words

A connection

Every time a connection is made with someone, either through words, actions, reading some text or watching a series of images flicker on a screen, this moment creates a thread from one to another, a fine thread, so small, but if strummed or plucked we would feel a slight pull in our head, at the point where the thought touched us. 57 more words


Q73. Define Threads.

Q73. Define Threads.

Ans. Threads, sometimes called as Light Weight Processes (LWPs), are independent part of a process. A task is multithreaded if it is composed of several independent sub processes which do not work on common data, but each of those piece runs in parallel to other.

Is your Singleton Thread-Safe?

First, lets have a look into the concepts of some Terminologies:


A singleton class returns the same instance no matter how many times an application requests it. 978 more words


My Dimensional Tree

This is my first dimensional embroidered tree and I designed it..It started with a drawing, I saw it will be perfect to create an embroidery piece. 155 more words