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Big Y gold coins said to actually exist

“A 20-year-old Rockford, Ill. Man will be summoned to court on a charge of littering after he threw an umbrella on the ground on Amity Street and refused to pick it up July 12 at 2:09 a.m., police said.” 165 more words

Abandoned suitcase full of bread, flowers and shaved eyebrows

“A resident came to the police station with concerns about a tenant who sent a text message threatening that while she was asleep she would shave off her eyebrows.” 176 more words

Incidentally, the suspicious men were black

“A North Amherst resident contacted police about two suspicious black men carrying backpacks in the neighborhood and that the front door was open at a nearby home. 217 more words

"A large pig running in traffic was not located"

“A North Pleasant Street woman complained that she was awoken several hours earlier by a stretch limousine parked outside her home and that someone may have been sending electronic signals into her residence. 199 more words

The Artist: Chapter 1 - Leather

He saw her. She saw him see her, and she stared hard in any direction accept towards him. She is the shy kind and he made her nervous. 1,597 more words


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Childhood, Bipolar Disorder, and Guns

I’m going to round out the trilogy that is my first day of blogging with a story. It is from my childhood. Although I am not far removed from it, I do not remember much from my time as a kid. 727 more words

Manic Depression