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Three Clock Expresssions (2007)

1. Rock around the clock.

2. The mouse ran up the clock.

3. The employees worked off the clock.
And in court yesterday-
Wal-Mart employees were awarded
their overdue pay.


Three Ways To Bring About A Little Sunshine (2007)

1. Open the window.

2. Step outside.

3. Visit someone in a nursing home.
More than a ray of sunshine-
Is what someone will find.


Three Things That Videotaping Is Good For (2007)

1. Making happy family memories.

2. Documenting an occasion.

3. Outing an otherwise unseen crime.

In the physical sense.


Three Things That Keep You From Sleeping (2007)

1. Noise.

2. Insomnia.

3. Restless leg syndrome.
That squiggly feel-
As has been classified as real.


Three That Get Hurt When There Are Errors At The Hospital (2007)

1. The patient.

2. The doctor.

3. The hospital, itself.
And number one is the reason why-
Number 2 and 3, on the defense, tend to lie.


Three Interesting Things To Read In An Online Newspaper (2007)

1. The headlines.

2. The Editorials.

3. The comments at the end of any story.
We can all have our say-
On any given day.


Three Things That Expire (2007)

Three things that expire:

1. Food products.

2. Fishing licenses.

3. Rabbit ears.
Due to the change of digital from analog by the year 2009- 12 more words