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Pardon Me (2007)

Harry S. Truman raised his approving hand-
On 1,913 occasions of them throughout this land.
It was 1,110 times for Dwight D. Eisenhower-
Carefully using his presidential power. 129 more words


Three Things That Are Detrimental To A Building (2007)

1. Termites.

2. Peeling paint.

3. The wrecking ball.
It all comes down-
Leaving intact, all else that is standing around.


Three Reasons That You Cannot Go Back Home (2007)

1. You might not have the fare.

2. Time cannot be reversed.

3. The building you grew up in is no longer there.
Left only-
Down to a memory.


Three Examples Of Being Too Early (2007)

1. Your hosts have not bathed and dressed yet.

2. The store clerk will not open the door until hours later.

3. Santa becomes a part of the Labor Day holiday. 6 more words


Three Major Transformations In Life (2007)

1. Weight loss.

2. Religious conversions.

3. Blue and gray to red, black, and white.
From the beginnings as a Dallas Cowboy fan-
Turned suddenly into the realms of the Houston Texan’s land.


Three Highlights Of The Caribbean (2007)

1. Palm trees.

2. Ocean breeze.

3. Call Centers.
Coast to Coast-
Tax free incentives deriving the most.


Three Ways To Tell That You've Had Too Much To Drink (2007)

1. When you can’t take one more drink.

2. When you see double.

3. When you’ve ran up a bar tab that totals $100,000
at someone else’s expense. 19 more words