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Three Texas Pardons (2010)

1. Pardon me, Ma’am.
2. Pardon me, Sir.
3. Pardon you, posthumously.
Much lateness to get underway-
Thanks to the results of DNA.


Three Things To Eat At The Movies (2010)

1. Popcorn.

2. Candy.

3. Hot dogs.


Some have given their voice-

That they would prefer to eat fruit cups,

veggies, or yogurt, as a healthy choice.


Three Occasions When Things Look Larger Than Life (2010)

1. While watching the big screen.

2. When you’re in Texas.

3. When you are little.


Childhood magnified-

True and tried.


Three Examples Of It Is Never Too Late (2010)

1. There is always tomorrow.
2. There is always next year.
3. There is always 40 years later.
J. G. Farrell’s “Troubles” was awarded… 37 more words


Three Words For Today (2010)

1. Ask.
2. Get.
3. Permit.
Given the opportunity,
permission, and chance-
No matter what the circumstance.


Three Examples To How Much Oil Leaking (2010)

1. A little bit.
2. A whole lot.
3. Doesn’t matter.
If just more than a drop-
Needs to stop.


Three Things About Cats (2010)

1. They can make you wheeze.

2. They can make you sneeze.

3. They can make your eyes water.


But no matter what they happen to do- 17 more words