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Three Uses For Canola Oil Over Time (2010)

1. To keep lamps burning.
2. To add to food.
3. To clean oil covered birds.


First a canola oil rinse-

The lighter oil breaking up the crude blackening,

that can be quite immense.


The Need-To Read # 87

Choosing to read about Helen Keller is a wise choice-

For although both blind and deaf, for many, she left an encouraging voice.



Three Ways To Clean Your Child's Room (2010)

1. Wish it clean.

2. You clean it.

3. Invite your child’s favorite company over forĀ  the weekend.


Their room will shine-

With the help of psychology on the child’s mind.


Three That Spring Back (2010)

1. Slinky toys.

2. A flattened plant.

3. A sick child.


High fever and sick one day-

Suddenly well, fit, the next day and okay.


Three Things To Count (2010)

1. Fingers.

2. Toes.

3. People.


Back in 1790, Congress authorized the first U.S. census-

An act still going on, important, a national must.


Three Ways To Judge People (2010)

1. By the way they look.

2. By what they wear.

3. By what is on the inside.


Judging by the first two, no doubt- 6 more words


Three That Should Wear Seatbelts (2010)

1. Adults.
2. Children.
3. Both in wheelchairs.
The seatbelt on the wheelchair-
Does not prevent the sitter from
flying through the air.