Tags » Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times 2011

Three Types Of Trucks

1. Pickup.

2. 18-wheelers.

3. Food.


To be in the groove-

To eat where the eatery is in travel and move.



Three To Go Digital (2011)

1. Books.

2. Music.

3. Savings Bonds.

========================= I

n the modern world, did not survive-

Been paper distributed, since 1935.


Three Things To Lose (2011)

1. Keys.

2. Phone.

3. 881 pound tuna.


Fifty miles from Boston, a sure bet-

Taken by the Feds, as it was Illegally caught with a net.


Three Twists (2011)

1. The Twist.

2. Let’s Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer.

3. Operation Twist.


Now and then-

We go back to way back when.


Three Things To Do (2011)

1. Criticize.
2. Criticize.
3. Criticize.


Easy to do-

With no alternative plans, from YOU, to ensue.