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It's Your Choice-To Rule Your Inner Voice # 5

Positive words can lessen and clear-
That oncoming anxiety, that unwanted fear.


Three Paths (2012)

1. Garden.

2. Park.

3. Hurricane.


Doing the math-

Trying to figure out who is

going to get Mother Nature’s wrath

"Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times"

Three That Can Be Empty (2012)

1. Streets.

2. Venues.

3. Store shelves.


On the rise-

While searching for hurricane supplies.


Three Times When Less Is Not Always Better (2013)

1. When you are feeling deprived.

2. When your plate looks half empty.

3. When it involves hurricanes.
The number, of events, may be less- 15 more words


Three Things That The Pilgrims Endured (2010)

1. Cold weather.

2. Sickness.

3. Hurricanes.


Fourteen years after they first landed at Plymouth Rock-

The Great Colonial Hurricane came to knock.