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Weekly Photo Challenge: Misty ( on the YangTze River)

This week’s photo challenge is Misty.

For the several days we cruised along the Yangtze River in China, it was almost misty throughout.

Yangtze flows from the Tibetan mountains to the sea and is the longest river in China and also Asia. 216 more words


Three Gorges Dam triggers frequent seismic activities

(April 7, 2014) Chinese geologist and environmentalist Fan Xiao says the recent quakes that struck central China’s Hubei Province in Zigui county — “the first county of the Three Gorges Dam” due to its proximity to the project site — signal that the seismic threat posed by Three Gorges Dam is at its most critical stage now. 868 more words

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More earthquakes strike Three Gorges Dam region

(April 1, 2014) A magnitude-4.7 earthquake hit Zigui county in central China’s Hubei Province last Sunday, around 23 kilometres from the Three Gorges Dam site location, several days after a magnitude-4.3 tremor was felt early Thursday morning about 30 kilometres from the dam. 807 more words

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Three Gorges Dam not affected by tremor

(March 28, 2014) Once again, an earthquake has hit the Three Gorges reservoir area and dam officials are reassuring the public that the world’s largest hydropower plant is operating normally. 288 more words

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China's Three Gorges replaces top executives amid graft probe | Reuters

China’s Three Gorges Corp, which built the world’s biggest hydropower scheme, has replaced its chairman and general manager, the company said, in the latest major reshuffle of a state-owned firm as the government steps up a fight on graft. 146 more words

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China's Rush to Build Dams Leaves Resettled Communities in Limbo - Businessweek

China’s 12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development, released last January, includes the admirable goal of generating 11.4 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2015. But at least one part of its plan is controversial among environmentalists and civil society advocates: the government’s aim to install 160 GW of new hydropower capacity, raising China’s total hydropower capacity to 290 GW. 131 more words

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It's practically impossible to build a mega-dam that will return its investment

The enormous hydropower dams springing up across the emerging world may simply be too expensive to ever yield real benefits to their builders, development economists warned today. 523 more words