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Three Stooges

Above:  Title Card from Disorder in the Court (1936)

Image = A Screen Capture from a DVD via PowerDVD


If the Three Stooges had been bees, they would have been Larva, Curly, and Moe.

Pets And Wildlife

Slowly I Turned

Hi Pal!

You called me pal?
Well I haven’t heard that word in years. You know, I was once a bum like you. Ah, but it wasn’t always thus. 227 more words

Fun Friday Post - Brendan & Brendan MEMEs

With April Fools behind us – by the way if you missed out on our prank you can check it out here – we thought we’d take advantage of this weeks’ Fun Friday Post and put together a handful of Brendan & Brendan MEMES. 63 more words


Learning the piano at 65 or how I discovered the Holy Grail of retirement

Three weeks ago I left my 4th job since officially retiring from my career as a health care administrator. Actually, I didn’t retire the first time as much as it was “out with the old” yaddey yaddey yah…  Ever since that time, I have been searching around for something that gets my juices flowing.   593 more words


The Ring Tale

This is my fast Saturday story – enjoy.

Several years ago we invested in a laundry ring to use instead of detergent in our wash.  We really loved it and one of our friends was curious about how well it really worked.  193 more words


The Novelty Wears Off

There was a time – a gentler time – a kinder time – when a song having almost no merit other than it made you smile could make it onto the airwaves. 128 more words


Pie to the Face!

“You can’t imagine what satisfaction can be gotten from throwing a pie into someone’s face”

~Emma Thompson

Oh yes, Emma Thompson. I can.

This may seem like a ridiculous entry, and that’s probably because it is. 245 more words