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Photo A Day - Three Things

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Just glancing around your front room it is often easy to find three of something.

What I have learned: Cars are always a great subject, especially when miniature and indoors in the warm.

Photo A Day

January/February Week 5 Photo-A-Day

So we are now at week 5. If you missed week 4 it’s available here.

Now that this is week 5

Monday 26th – Three Things… 254 more words

Small Biz 101: 3 Things

A few chestnuts I’ve learned along the way:

  • Know what your service / product / time is worth. Corollary: Don’t give your time away. When you’re in the “agency life” or working for a small consultancy, you will invariably be approached to work on spec, work for “sweat equity”, or work at a huge discount for the promise of better pay on “the next project.” These offers 
  • 490 more words

Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode-2

You are the best!  Yes, I mean you!  Last weekend I launched the first episode of our latest “interactive” serial. I was doing Snoopy’s happy dance about the positive responses from all of you.   2,276 more words

Three Things

3 Things: New Ballpark Food Has Local Flavor | Cleveland Police Racially Disproportionate? | CT Town Votes To Destroy Shooter's Home

With just weeks away from OPENING DAY, Progressive Field improvements continue both inside and out. You see the outside improvements daily – the East 9th Street side of the ballpark is being torn up and renovated, and on the inside, the changes will affect your taste buds. 287 more words


3 Things: POTUS Talks To Tough Crowd, Micdrops | LeBron Misses Practice, Is It Flu? | 11 Of 12 AFC Game Balls Deflated

It was chilly inside and outside on Capitol Hill Tuesday night, as President Obama delivered his State of the Union speech to a Congress packed full of GOP lawmakers – and many Presidential allies. 346 more words


Three things

Dreams can inspire us, goals guide us and actions move us. How we embrace the three things impacts on us living our potential. Looking at these three things, however, may require more time and energy than is available to us at the moment. 262 more words

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