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Last Day As a Three Year Old

Lillian and her Yia-Yia had lunch together on Lillian’s last day as a three-year old. Tomorrow she is four!

Lillian Grace


I cannot believe how old she has become. Sometimes, I find myself catching my breath when I realize how mature she is. Not too long ago, I think about a month before Lisi turned three, our family was taking a walk around the neighborhood when it hit me that our baby girl was no longer a baby…it’s the little things that you don’t catch when you’re with your kids 24/7. 177 more words


Lillian Swimming Solo

Lillian with one of her swimming teachers, Ms. Linsey: she is on her back, kicking to the side of the pool, without her teacher’s help. She’s had two months of lessons and is coming along nicely at the fabulous… 21 more words

Lillian Grace

VBS - Vacation Bible School

I’m still recovering. Still twitching. Still flinchingĀ from the imaginary shouts, screams, and high pitched voices in my head. I feel that my hands are sticky, but they’re not. 1,038 more words


Co-Creating Art with Kids

Being an artist means turning inward, to create something outward, on a regular basis. Being a parent makes this first step damn-near-impossible, on a constant basis. 959 more words


Little girl, keep running.

Little girl, keep running. No matter what the sign says or who scoffs. Keep jumping, exploring, touching, testing the limits of your body. Keep grasping, seeking, and finding new things that light you from within. 1,187 more words

The Era Of Enlightenment!

TV, screen time, and the preschool mind

Ninja Turtles are on the rise! Here comes Spiderman! Rah!! But I’m Princess Jasmine!

“I’m gona chop your head off!”

I’ve been working with young children for over twenty years. 1,009 more words