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Chasing Butterflies

Lillian got a bug kit — net, magnifying glass and bug holder — for Easter. Thus far, no bug has undergone the indignities of captivity and study — but not for want of trying.

Lillian Grace

Anastasia Turns Three!

Because Annie’s birthday falls during Holy Week this year, we decided to celebrate a few days early, on Palm Sunday. We invited her local friends and neighbors over to our house for “liklik kaikai” (a little food, said of any invited meal that doesn’t involve pork) — in our case, sausages, “scone bread” rolls, cucumbers, carrot sticks, pineapple, papaya, passionfruit, the local cheeto equivalent “twisties” — and birthday cake, of course, made with cocoa powder just received in the mail from Grandma. 251 more words

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Reading About Moomins

When it’s raining and thundering, Lillian likes to read. She has pretty eclectic tastes. A current favorite is Moomin Builds A House. The Finnish side of the family should be pleased.

Lillian Grace

Beta just turned three. She spent her birthday demanding we sing “Happy birthday to me” again. Every time she would sing along and Alpha tried to explain to her that she’s not supposed to sing along when we sing happy birthday, we’re just supposed to sing to her and she is supposed to listen. 728 more words

Kiting around the Park on a Saturday in March

Lillian spent Saturday with her Yia Yia and their friend Lauren at the Kite festival in Hermann Park. “Look, Yia Yia!” Lillian would say, “There’s a blue kite! 58 more words

Lillian Grace

Don't Mix the Play doh and Other Idiot Parental Moves I've Made

It’s the day after my little one’s monumental third birthday bash, and truth be told, I’m a little overcome.  It was a beautiful outpouring of people who love her filled with the things that her life revolves around right now: her friends and family, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and carrots with hummus, pink princesses and pirates, and a ridiculous amount of play doh.   614 more words