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"Ding dong. Open door."

Sometimes it can be harder for Nomi and Zoey to fall into the rhythm of extended play on the weekends. Errands to be run and daddy is around. 86 more words


Zen And The Fine Art Of Being Pantsed

My legs are Miss C’s go-to.  Two pillars protected by graspable lycra; they’ll take her anywhere if she can just.hold.on.

Except she can’t.  The waistband at the top betrays her… and me. 697 more words


The Downward Spiral

Have I mentioned the Fun Apartment has an extra feature to make it even more fun? It’s on the fourth floor! That’s three flights of stairs! 480 more words


Playground parting is such sweet sorrow for Unit and his 'friends'

The playground is such a blissful place for a three-year-old: a boundless play area, obstacles galore, swings out the wazoo … and other kids.

Unit is what you’d consider an outsider, just like his old man. 461 more words


The Day I Received a Lesson on How to Make a Three Year Old Share -Sharing & Shock Tactics

Why is sharing so hard for a three year old?  My three year old?

Last week she had a little friend over to play.  It hadn’t been the easiest of days. 947 more words

Family Life

I Want to Be Three Again

Yesterday morning as I walked up the stairs with my preschool students to their chapel time this is what I heard:

Student 1: Miss Amy, I love you! 603 more words