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Fantasy Couple Threeway

I want to lick you out while your boyfriend watches. I want to lick you out slowly, carefully, tasting you, and then slide up you and whisper to you that I want to fuck him, and can I? 197 more words


Semen Again

For some reason today I’m obsessing about semen and men and stuff like that. It happens and I don’t know why, but I do.

So yep. 343 more words



There’s no real story to this, it just turns me on to think about :)

I’m on a couch or a bed, and half undressed, and my clothes are being pulled off me and maybe torn. 274 more words


S #7 + #8

I am in full acknowledgement of the fact that following up yesterday’s wee tale with the one I am about to relay may have me come across as an exhibitionist/naturalist but I’ve just slurped down a Nippy’s in 1 minute flat and I’m riding the high. 481 more words

Completely Silly Sticky Fantasy

Um, this is only here because I’m really not sure if people reading this stuff want actual proper stories, or just, sort of, what turns me on… So, um, if anyone wants that, here’s something… but it’s a bit weird.  810 more words



Softly waiting in the darkness. There’s not a sliver of light from the moonless sky, just the darkness laying gently on my bare skin. My fingers trail lightly over my hip, up my side, waiting. 1,935 more words


Rimming Threeway

We’re fucking in your bed, and for once I’m on top. Probably you made me. I don’t like to be on top.

We’re fucking, and I’m probably complaining about how I can’t on top, and don’t move right, and I don’t know how, and I just can’t fuck people and its easier if they fuck me. 914 more words