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Waking Up

Um, this is probably triggery…

I wake up, and find two men in my bedroom, kneeling on my bed, holding me down, and looking at me. 466 more words


Catch Me

Quite often, we play our game. You chase me around the house, and try to catch me, so you can hold me down and fuck me. 997 more words


Trendy Restaurant

I’m on the floor, under a table. There’s a tablecloth around me, all the way to the ground. I’m kneeling there, sucking a man’s cock. I don’t know who he is. 424 more words


Selling Me

Secretly, I quite like the idea of being sold without me knowing about it, like a boyfriend offering me to a friend for money without me knowing that he has. 1,737 more words


Actual Real Fantasies

This is kind of random, but if I was with a man and married, I’d want my husband to bring other women home, and fuck them while I was tied up in the corner or whatever, so I’m forced to watch, and then for him to make me lick his semen out of her when they were done. 406 more words


My Not-Quite Threeway Story

One night, way back when, I ended up accidentally watching porn with then-boyfriend and his friend.

It wasn’t porn. That’s the accidentally. It was some kind of arty thing on TV that turned out to have lots of sex in it, and we happened to see the sex. 711 more words