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Aha! It appears to have worked.

Thought I would have a bash at regrowing my spring onions (scallions)  but cut them right down to just above the roots, before I read you were supposed to leave the whole root on. 208 more words

Self Sufficiency

Book Haul #5

It’s been a while since I’ve had a book haul to show off! This is a pretty small stack that I picked up yesterday, but with some great authors. 31 more words


A Pile of Practical Thrifty Finds

We have been having a heat wave here, but unfortunately have been working too much to really enjoy it. Yesterday we both had a day off so we went for a short road trip to Victoria to do some thrifting. 140 more words


The trashcan isn't always trash

Hi Everyone,

There are times when I have a nice trashcan with a foot pedal and it works great for a while then BAM! the foot pedal wears out and breaks. 76 more words


Bathroom Sink Organization

Yard sales can often be places where you somehow find exactly what you need. For the past few months the area under my bathroom sink has been getting more and more cluttered. 124 more words


The Fear Fighter

In this chaotic space, I am the aggressor.

The world has a tendency to offer a saddle and reigns for my creativity, and in the past I’ve taken them, knowing full well my energy is meant to blossom organically, to run free without weighty gear or limitation. 212 more words


Wow! It's been a year. Now back to yard sales and gardening!

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe it but it has been a whole year since I posted! Time flies! School has kept me really busy and away from all the amazing yard sales and flea markets. 122 more words