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Cyber Lips and Shadowy Trips

Lip Color : CYBER by MAC

When this pigment hits my lips, I feel as though I’m a vampire, awake and alert in the shadow and midnight chill. 175 more words

DIY Drop bottom pants to sporty skirt refashion and OOTD

Hey there, hi there! It’s been a busy weekend making pickles and stuff at the countryside! I had no time to even cook a meal. 681 more words


What do these 3 books have in common?

Answer: I bought them all from a school fair bric-a-brac stall on the same day. I’ve run out of shelf space but I just needed these three. 21 more words


Feline Fitness Center

Last week I got this funky Hawaiian Feline Fitness Center shirt from the flea with fat cats doing yoga. It’s a vintage 70s/80s tee by… 291 more words


Pants refashion teaser + 'they're here!' nail-a-holic

If you wonder to what I’m referring it’s my brand new reusable nail forms. Yes, I’m a nail-a-holic. (Hi, Sylvia!)

It all started innocently enough when I was applying for my Masters degree in Food Safety and met with the most wonderful girl, Annie. 404 more words


Thrifty Froufrou table lamp revamp ( I am not made of money you know!)

I dont know whether its me getting meaner or prices going up but my latest moan is about the cost of lamps. I did manage to find some in Homebase for £8 which is pretty reasonable but some of them seem very expensive. 287 more words


Overdue Thrifts

I haven’t been having much luck at the thrift the last couple of months in terms of number of items I got, but I’ve accumulated quite a bunch of cool stuff to share. 372 more words