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Benjamin Franklin considered it his civic duty to educate people on how to better live life, frugally.  In addition to being an inventor and founding father of our nation, he coined the phrase, “A penny saved is a penny earned” so it’s somewhat ironic that he was honored with his likeness on the $100 bill rather than the penny. 215 more words

Pleather + Zippers

This #OOTD is an older one, but I just had to repost it. This is still one of my favorite outfits. Also, thank you all for following me, I really appreciate you all, it means a lot! 47 more words

How to Shop a Goodwill

So, I guess this article is really going to show how much I can differ in my clothing pursuits.  On one hand, I love shopping in boutiques.   554 more words


$5.00 Bionicle Bag

I was lucky enough to pick this up for five dollars at a nearby thrift store yesterday:

It also had one of Turaga Matau’s buzzsaw-staff things in it, but I already put that on him, since mine didn’t have one. 21 more words

$2 Nail Enamel: Sinful Colors vs Spoiled

Just because you are only spending $2 on nail polish doesn’t mean a sacrifice of quality. So for $2 on nail polish, I wouldn’t recommend… 262 more words

Nail Polish