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Sew for Victory!

As spring brings warmer weather to Blue Ridge, I can’t help but feel excited about packing up all the heavy sweaters and replacing them with t-shirts and skirts. 775 more words


Saving Money on Sports Fan Gear

We aren’t sports fans in our family.  Exercise is good, but we’re not much interested in playing sports and even less interested in watching sports. 458 more words


That's how you get rich....

My class will be giving a performance at the weekly assembly soon. Our topic is money-saving and thriftiness. I was talking with the class about why saving money is good and how we can do it, when one of my creative students launched into this wonderful speech: 58 more words

Grade 1

Let us Not Waste Precious Food!

The theme for this year’s campaign of World Environment Day (WED) on June 5 is Think. Eat. Save. The UN calls these campaigns “celebrations of promoting environmental awareness”.

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How to Have a Minimal Electric Bill

We awoke to no electricity this morning, but didn’t think much of it, since power outages aren’t exactly rare here. But as the hours passed and still no lights, I started wondering what was going on. 

Simple Living

Seven Frugal Ways to Cut Paper Waste

Shopping ads, writing paper, newspapers, packaging materials …we’re inundated with paper! But after reading a recent article on the lack of it in African schools, I realized how important it is to not waste it. 

Thrifty Living

Fishgiving: A Feast from the Freezer!

Last weekend, my family enjoyed a spontaneous and somewhat silly holiday feast.

A few days earlier, we had finally gotten around to baking an acorn squash and two butternut squashes we’d received in… 543 more words