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How To Save Money

Thriftiness, Frugality, Stinginess, Close-Fistedness… Whatever you want to call it, the art of saving money is something I’ve grown up with.

When my dad enters the house, I do a mad rush to the living room to switch off the light AND the TV. 697 more words


My family has a strange dichotomy concerning money. My grandmother grew up in a village in rural China and, depending on who you ask, was bartered to my grandfather to pay off her father’s debt or given to him in an arranged marriage. 240 more words


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Money is important but it is not everything in your life. As if you are rich, you will not be satisfied with the amount of money you have now, because there is never too much money. 91 more words

Cultivating Simplicity: Using What You Have

“Simplicity does not mean

getting rid of all your posessions,

but rather integrating them

into your life’s purpose”

~From a talk by Mary Gregory, remembered by Emily Sander, 2000… 879 more words

Why I Spent My Birthday Money on Socks

My partner’s grandfather, Herschel, has a tradition of giving everyone a birthday gift of the number of dollars that matches her age, so he gave me $41 last month. 476 more words