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Thrift Shopping Experience: Starting at Zero

Growing up in South America, I had never gone thrift shopping. It is not a ‘thing’ over there. It wasn’t a ‘thing’ for me in Boston, and it wasn’t a ‘thing’ for me in Shanghai. 430 more words


Well... Its Friday 8/22/14.

Huh?  What’s happening?  Oh time to dust off this feature and post something new?  Alright, let me put some pants on.

(Kidding, I’m totally not wearing pants right now.) 519 more words


Let's Join the Circus!

Francine’s idea, joining the circus. She’s one of the most, shall we say, imaginative of The Style Sisters, and we had a hard road talking her out of it—until we pointed out that persons like ourselves, who have absolutely no talent for lion taming, walking on high wires, or galloping around rings while standing on the backs great white horses, usually end up shoveling elephant poop. 123 more words

Look What I Found At The Thrift Store!

Ocean City, MD, part 1


Eric and I have spent the past few days in Ocean City, MD, conveniently located about five hours from Western MD. It’s the perfect distance for a mini vacation. 169 more words


Thrifty Thursday: My Apartment!

After countless hours of moving in these past two days… I am DONE moving in! Now, its time for the DECORATING! I cannot wait for the next couple weeks to thrift all of my decorations. 418 more words

A Thrifted Shirt for a Busy Day

Hello there, everyone.  Is it the middle of the month already?  I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t have a calendar right here next to me to prove it.  430 more words


DIY: Thrifted Framed Poster

A couple months ago, while perusing the toy aisles at the local K-Mart, I came across the poster section.  Remember when you were in elementary and middle school, and posters were EVERYTHING?   366 more words

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