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K, so now they're 4-ingredient cookies

Like I said, I’m not a recipe follower. You know what else I’m not? A baker. At all. I have absolutely no patience for making things from scratch. 330 more words

San Diego

May the Snowflake Be With You!

Have some paper and some patience? Aleah, bless her little heart, she found a site that shows you how to make Star Wars snowflakes for me! 117 more words


Ain't no shame in baby resale!

Ah, my first blog written on my phone.

There’s a children’s resale store near my house called Conceptions. Heyyyyyyy get it? “Conception” can be used in more than one way. 393 more words

San Diego

Nice Skirt ;)

Hey, hey, hey!!! I was over at Aleah’s and we decided to be Christmas crafty. :) She worked on her shutter cardholders and I chose to do something with my tree skirt. 277 more words

Bright Ideas

How Bazaar!

Over the weekend I went to a local church bazaar with my good friend, and an idea hit me! I was thinking, this would be the perfect place for a couple who are just starting out and want to decorate for the holidays, but are on a budget. 117 more words

Bright Ideas

Frugal friday. Rapeseed oil. Its the future.


So I’ve been living it up lately using all my glamorous skin care brands. Lathering myself in lotions and potions. When it hit me. 463 more words