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Download The Imitation Game 2014 Full Movie

Movie Story about a scientist Alan Turing, who cracked the German encryption not only in war, but was persecuted for his homosexuality. The Enigma breaks the researchers head: The German coding device encrypts the radio messages of the Armed Forces and Navy. 276 more words

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Online Watch White Bird in a Blizzard 2014 Movie

This film tells the story of Kate Connors, who is very close to his mother. They tell each other everything, have no secrets from one to the other. 273 more words

Download White Bird In A Blizzard 2014 Free Full Movie

Movie Review - Chris Ranson on The Surrogate (2013)

Title: The Surrogate (2013)
Director: Doug Campbell
Runtime: 89 minutes

As The Surrogate DVD booted up, I got scared. The previews, and the company’s logo, are roughly VHS quality, and it lowered my expectations for the film greatly. 443 more words

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Download Gone Girl 2014 Full Movie

In Gone Girl on the bestseller by Gillian Flynn Ben Affleck is suspected of being a husband of a missing woman to have anything to do with her disappearance. 291 more words

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At First Glance: "Left Behind (2014)"

*Heavy sigh.* Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. Here is yet another depressing remake. Or, more like, another remake that will no doubt actually leave you feeling like there’s no hope. 640 more words


Download Jessabelle 2014 Free Movie

A woman named Jessabelle who loses her fiance in a car accident. He then returned to his father’s house in the Louisiana big relief. During his stay at his father’s house, he realized there was something wrong in the house and often haunted by the ghost of curiosity. 290 more words

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Recently: "Lucy"

I like an action film as much as the next person. When the lead is a very capable actor, coupled with fun settings and a story that screams exciting, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed. 554 more words