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I Am So Sorry

I am so sorry for somehow always being in the worst situation. I am so sorry for somehow always being a victim, constantly at the losing end. 59 more words

The God I Wish you Knew

This weekend we are finishing up a series in church called “The God I wish you Knew”. Here is a little about the God I wish you knew. 1,517 more words

And now for a musical interlude....

Ah, Mark Knopfler- the guitar skills, the beautiful lyrics. Thanks to Boodles for pointing me to this one!

Darling Pretty – Mark Knopfler


1st Bouldering Comp of the Season

So, having been overly busy with life; kids, pets, family, studying, work, etc, I have been struggling to find much time to get climbing. Of course, I could hone my organisation skills and/ or attempt to become more self-disciplined (I know there is spare time in my day) but at the moment, I savour the few hours of mindless internetting or tv watching that I sneeze in to the evening. 337 more words


Why read horror?

As authors and readers alike know, every story gives you a certain feeling, both when you’re reading and if it’s particularly good the feeling stays with you long after you’ve put the book down. 141 more words


All-Purpose Repair Cream

I’ve been waiting to post this one until I had a new batch of this glorious stuff.

I’ve used this ‘cream’ to help:
*Diaper Rash – relieve pain & reduce redness… 668 more words


"Thrills" (Acoustic) Music Video by El May (Premiere)

California-by-Australia artist El May (aka Lara Meyerratken) recently released her second album, The Other Person is You, via Rose Quartz Records. More oft than not, the album boasts buoyant pop including the digi-beat laden “Thrills.” … 93 more words

Music Video