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Like I think most moms with toddlers, I naturally taught my first, second, and third child to share. You know the situation:
A child you don’t know is playing near your child at the library. 699 more words


The Magazine Is Having A Holiday...

Dear readers and writers,

Apologies, once again, but the magazine is going to be having a holiday until further notice.

I’ve chatted with a few friends and discussed my dilemma and they were all of the same opinion – there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to run the magazine at this moment in time AND concentrate on my own writing projects (let alone have time for my day job and family). 85 more words

Thrills Kills N Chaos

Passing through the divine thrills:


Lost into memory lanes and engrossed into woven threads of imaginations in a pensive mode of mind with my eyes glued to an overstretched horizon, somewhere at a long distance I see a storm brewing, a storm transmitting currents to my otherwise awe fully inquisitive a heart, a heart twitchingly hankering for a  sublime sereneness of ecstasy emanating from the Divine. 378 more words


1MMD2014 [342 of 365] A Friend like any other

…may not be considered a Brother!

I rewind back to a time of jokes and girls,

Less on the serious more on the thrills.

To events attended by my invite only, 141 more words

What is a 'distaff'?

For me, digging into the Word is more than just reading. It’s examining, asking questions of the text, researching, learning history, and exploring definitions.

As most of you likely know by now, Proverbs 31 is one of the passages I refer to most, because it has such a practical explanation of what a dedicated, productive, successful woman of God looks like. 145 more words


Three To Focus On (2014)

1. Thrills.
2. Frills.
3. Serious work.
To play-
After a hard workday.