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"Doing a New Thing"

A few months ago, in my mom’s bible study group, we began reading and studying Lysa TerKeurst’s “The Best Yes”. I was so excited about this book, because with 3 young kids you learn quickly that unless you want to literally go insane, you cannot possibly say YES to all the things you WANT to say yes to. 1,118 more words


To Dance Again

The dance.

The dance is special.

Every time

She dances for him

It’s like the first time.

Nervous anticipation

Delicious arousal

The desire to please… 22 more words


I love space

I’m really obsessed with space, partly through years of sci-fi immersion (of both the classy and trashy types), but mainly because of the incredible size and scope and possibilities that are out there. 121 more words


Secret Thoughts of a Chronic Traveler

Oh dear, it’s been awhile again. I’ll blame it on grad school this time, but you and both I know that’s not a fair excuse. I am still meaning to post about each of my adventures and tell you all of the crazy stories, try to recreate the laughs, and bring you into the moment. 778 more words


GCSE Mocks this week, I’m in despair. It’s not only trying to concentrate whilst revising, but also trying to concentrate in exams. Yesterday, in my English exam, I zoned out for 20 minutes. 12 more words


Happiness is Lawrence With Gasim

Is there any movie scene more thrilling than the moment we see Lawrence materialize with Gasim out of the Nefud Desert in Lawrence of Arabia?? Happiness is watching a classic movie on a Saturday Afternoon!


How real can the dreams get

CFor the past few days I have noticed that I’ve had more dreams than I have in months together. And these are of a different kind too. 541 more words