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What are you doing in the next 1,001 days?

I took some time today to update my 101 in 1,001. I still don’t have 101 things on my list. I need to think more outside the box or just take notice of those times throughout the day when I go, … 138 more words


Take this job and shove it!

If we examine our lives in detail most everyone these days spends the bulk of their time chasing money. That sounds greedy or self serving right but its the truth. 535 more words


My THRIVE didn’t show up yesterday. I was hoping and wishing and willing it to my door step… I’m sure it will be waiting for me when I get home from my 12 hour shift today. 311 more words



MEC Thrive Lander
24-26.07.14@Le Meridian Koh Samui Resort&Spa,
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Fighting Emotional Disease

Let’s think back to our basic understanding of biology: when bacteria or viruses attack and damage the body, the body sends out a counterattack. A battle ensues, the body is hopefully the victor, and the repair process begins. 366 more words


Thrive Fun Fact #3!!!

Thrive fun fact #3:

The DFT – Patch contains CoQ10. Why? What’s it good for? Did you know that CoQ10 is responsible for 95% of your body’s energy? 150 more words