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zigged while zagging

You the reader (if any) missed the departure; beg pardon, the train whose destination is freedom. No, thou deluded one, not the freedom found in receipt of forced birth control methods, rather, the freedom of existing independent of control. 58 more words


her flower bloomed at night. after the neons came on. after the streetlights lit. her flower thrived when when it stormed. when the wind whipped and the skies cried. 17 more words


A complete lack of survival instinct.

Because I like to have deep, meaningful, intellectual conversations with my housemates, we discussed recently what our tactics would be in the case of a Zombie epidemic. 563 more words

Mental Health

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I have often thought that I am Type A down to my very cells. I am so determined that I will even crush my own body if it dares get in my way. That is nothing compared to the Zombie Apocalypse Analogy used in At Least I am Writing. You have to read it for yourself! If you are bothered by such things, please be advised of At Least I am Writing's descriptively colorful language ;)

Learning to thrive alone

      One thing i have been dealing with recently is the question of who i am. I mean i am obviously a daughter a sister and a girlfriend and i feel i know how to for-fill those roles in a positive way and i know how to act to keep those relationships steady. 281 more words

Thoughts And Questions

I Will Wait for You - Moving from Surviving to Thriving

So, I had such a productive weekend where my husband and I made some significant progress in our relationship – yea! Long story short, I took a ride yesterday out to Starved Rock – my soul recharging spot that I have been drawn to for years – and as I was driving out there, I had this thought that I needed to tell my husband: 493 more words


There will always be those who thrive

There are always those who thrive when masses are dying of sickness. There are always those who thrive economically when economic decline seems to be the order of our nation. 657 more words

Blogging Truth: SEO Is Not Dead Yet! But Thriving!

Blogging Truth: SEO Is Not Dead Yet! But Thriving! This post was inspired by a post written by Mike at Danger and Play! Everyone at one time or another dream of being an online star! 41 more words