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If we do the unthinkable, would it make us look crazy?

I tend to be labeled as one of those people that is IN LOVE with the IDEA OF LOVE. Sometimes even, an I love you whore. 720 more words

On Love

things are getting better ...

For the first time I am actually happy during the holidays. No flashbacks, no depression, I feel happy. I smile at people. I’m not irritated when others are impatient or kids scream or that sort of thing. 351 more words

My Life

Mist in the desert

Thriving, illusive as mist in the desert.  I struggled with depression and physical health problems for as long as I can remember.  It seems to be my challenge in life.  389 more words


Stressed Out, Worried, World Caving in Around You?

Here’s the solution: Take a deep breath and take a mental health day. Too often in our current world, we are overly plugged in, always accessible, always aware of the bad and stressful things around us, and working on competing or unimportant priorities. 616 more words


It's Not Documentary

Parenting assists come from all sorts of strange places. Last week it was a text message exchange with a friend in Seattle and an episode of “ 861 more words


Art Therapy

I experienced art therapy when I changed my college major to photography.  My camera became a key that unlocked images and emotions I didn’t know were possible. 75 more words


No Wonder It's So Difficult to Get Things Done

“The inner nature is not strong and overpowering and unmistakable like the instincts of animals. It is weak and delicate and subtle and easily overcome by habit, cultural pressure, and wrong attitudes toward it.” 702 more words