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Looking For My Lover

I’ve been searching for you

But you are within me

I’ve been on the lookout

But to no avail


Why must I torture myself

Looking outside of me… 124 more words

More than a Cancer Survivor?

It’s been one year.

I can never forget THAT call.  The one I received while the movers were busily packing up all my family’s belongings.  The one that shocked me to my core and changed my life course.   652 more words

Life Lessons

Blooming Asphalt

For all the diamonds in the rough out there, the unique beauty of nature forces itself through the ugliest and toughest of places, despite being called a weed.


Master Gardener

Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit. 444 more words

A Milestone, A Memory, And A Victory Redux--CI#94 (with video)

Here it is 25 July, the day I started Carb Cycling, the day that changed my life, the day I found my biggest key to healthy, sustainable weight loss.  1,348 more words



her flower bloomed at night. after the neons came on. after the streetlights lit. her flower thrived when when it stormed. when the wind whipped and the skies cried. 17 more words


A complete lack of survival instinct.

Because I like to have deep, meaningful, intellectual conversations with my housemates, we discussed recently what our tactics would be in the case of a Zombie epidemic. 563 more words

Mental Health

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I have often thought that I am Type A down to my very cells. I am so determined that I will even crush my own body if it dares get in my way. That is nothing compared to the Zombie Apocalypse Analogy used in At Least I am Writing. You have to read it for yourself! If you are bothered by such things, please be advised of At Least I am Writing's descriptively colorful language ;)