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LOOKING for the LIGHT: How Does Praise Make Your Life Better?

How does PRAISE make your life better?

I think this post is so appropriate right before Thanksgiving. PRAISE does a few very special things when you are a child of the King. 119 more words

Fresh Hope ... Cleveland

Hey everybody

This week is Thanksgiving in America. How will you be celebrating? I want you to know you’re not alone. So all week I’ll be posting some information you might find useful as you celebrate the holiday. 51 more words

Been Thinking About...

carpe diem (in short)

I used to think of this phrase as an aspirational saying, one that was slightly unattainable but worth aiming for. And it’s because I computed it as ‘seizing’ equating to massive action. 190 more words


How to turn 'no' into 'yes'

Once upon a time, there was a woman who got really ticked off because her disabled brother was unable to get a job. Employers told him ‘no’. 379 more words


Polluting The Present Moment

What does it mean to pollute something? Do we pollute more than just the water, air, and earth? Can we pollute our own souls?

Pollute is defined as contaminate (water, air, or a place) with harmful or poisonous substances; defile; corrupt. 486 more words

Blessings Of Life


It is 4 am. You’re awake doing your one last assignment. You don’t know whether you’re tired or exhausted or both. Your thoughts wander and slowly you find tears streaming down your face. 291 more words

Haste Makes Waste

It is in these moments….these still moments. I let myself sit…rest…coffee in hand and the perfect worship playing on iTunes Radio. These moments are God given…this afternoon, I sit after a long long week of work and a long morning of cleaning. 350 more words