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november through known

walk around these same streets

one time was a decade ago

and the other was a decade unknown

and then in the present is the song… 48 more words


gotten through

if you find that shovel

and it means having it all

what you gonna do

and if it makes the rewards

and those medals

what is the place… 42 more words


through your mind

want things

and be heard

where it feels

and those are the currents

and how it leans on

and those are the justice

and where it haunts… 47 more words


On the Market : Pretty Swank House in Canada Has a 'River' Running Through it

Wednesday, November 19, 2014, by Jenny Xie

Photo via HomeDSGN
Though sited on a Garry Oak savannah, one of Canada’;s most endangered ecosystems, this award-winning “contemporary ranch” by Vancouver-based studio Simcic +Ulrich Architects manages to steer free of critical…


The last week I have been staying with my “Tante” Joanie.  It was quite fun. We have been logging what we have done so I will re-inscribe it here.  210 more words

Russia’s domestic Internet traffic mysteriously passes through Chinese routers


Domestic Internet traffic traveling inside the borders of Russia has repeatedly been rerouted outside of the country under an unexplained series of events that degrades performance and could compromise the security of Russian communications. 461 more words