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gesture through


and how it was

the overwhelming

and its own cost

and who is the boss

and it was the robbed

and its own stranger… 50 more words


Move quickly through crowds

As it is widely known that your body language is a clear indicator of your confidence. To appear more confident, you have to walk like you have a place to be. 41 more words


living through

saw a shadow

and its own middle

and those are the chapters

and who is the reason

and those are the voices

boxes of pressed and those of the moments… 45 more words


Gliding through paradise

Madinah; the most wonderful place on earth. You can just feel the peace from this video alone.

May Allah shorted the time between now and our next return to the city of light! 15 more words


pick through

what you want

and how it seems

where is the war in the mind

and what is the middle of the pack

and how things sometimes just stack around… 48 more words


went through

games always being played

games always being said

games always  being used

caught of the current

and how it was the first

and how it was the thinking… 45 more words


Tomorrow....Living the Dream

Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King Day. His actual birthday in January 15.  I have always reflected on this day, with all the songs, the shows on TV, and reading about and hearing about what life was like in his day.  338 more words