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Throw-Away Culture and Celebrating Divorce.

While perusing Buzzfeed today, I found an article or a list or whatever about “divorce cakes”, or the anti-wedding cake. These cakes show an ending marriage in celebration, clearly for one party or the other to say, “I am finally free. 747 more words


the less I know about my children

to encourage
the unionization
of stereotypes
in YA

join my father.

for money, add punctuation
to a vandal’s

women are not soft, but… 10 more words

Bodies (throwaway)

So many warm bodies
Have lay between these sheets
The presence of another heart beat
Eases my mind into a sleep
That I cannot find alone… 62 more words


Satin legs

Satin legs on satin sheets
Falling stars at meet and greets
Iced coffee with your name on the cup
An atmosphere where you can push your luck… 48 more words


Aaron Keokham & Daniel McDiarmid | Throwaway

Solid joint coming from these two. Some good bike control and solid tricks going on. Really sick spots in here too. Since this i titled as “Throwaway”, I’m stoked to see if they have better footage lined up after this. Sick song choice too.


Would You Have Thought.

Here’s a statistic for you to consider,

“Every 1 million recycled cellphones yields 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of palladium, according to the EPA.” 126 more words


Three Not To Throwaway (2014)

1. Useful item.
2. Good stuff.
3. Coffee grounds.
The coffee ground-
Multiple uses found.