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Half way there....

Hi guys!

Just a quick update to tell you how I’m getting on with my room.

First of all, I definitely have far too many clothes. 278 more words

Karma, or how Reddit came up with a way to test our worth.

Fast technologies, social medias, encyclopedias, etc. They can all be found one click away from the internet. We as social creatures, try our hardest to fit in, even if we have to change our identities or sensor what we say in order to protects ourselves. 1,911 more words

Throw Away

This throw-away culture has made it so seemingly easy to walk away from people. It’s the kind of throw-away culture where we are also made to believe that pain must be ignored and cease to exist. 182 more words


Ten Years Before

Ten years before then.
I witnessed the Sun rise in the West
only to return to the night
and drown it’s sorrows in the East. 86 more words