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Too busy to write much here...

…as I’m writing the sequel to Thugs Like Us.

It’s just called LONDON right now. It’s the further ‘adventures’ of Jimmy and guess where it’s set? 149 more words


As Halloween gets closer I’ve planned some great Halloween activities for Sweets and me to do together, building jack-o-lanterns from craft foam in the bath… 779 more words

Parenting & Kids

Black Women Mess With Thug/Criminal/Swag Type Men To Substitute For The Lack Of A Father

I’ve always contended that Black females that mess with so called “bad boys” usually are trying to substitute for either the lack of an actual “FATHER” in the home or the lack of a stable and caring “FATHER”. 68 more words

Video: Alinsky Trained Agitator Shuts Down CNN News Crew (video)

This is a textbook example of Saul Alinsky style agitation via trained “community organizers”. See how he speaks about “the narrative”. Notice how the agitator hits on various talking points, some having to do with Ferguson and some not, and repeats them. 91 more words


To Protect And Server

To protect and serve

Whole communities in fear

Race should not matter

But it does and always has

More so in this day and age… 46 more words


More fun with girl friend

All apartments and homes in Mexico City had small rooms on the top, or the back yard for the maids. We use to go up to the roofs and talk to the maids. 572 more words


Springfield War on Drugs: 5-0 vs. Thugs

Over the long weekend here in Springfield there was yet another murder.  A drug deal gone bad apparently in the North End of the city. This would bring the number of homicides to 14 so far this year. 172 more words