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Gov SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity....

 by Mac Slavo, The Daily Sheeple

The dream of many Americans is to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily city grind. And what better dream to have then to move your family outside of city limits to the countryside so that you can grow your own food, produce your own electricity with solar power, and live outside the purview of an ever expanding government apparatus? 473 more words

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What is next for the Bundys? This is depressing as hell, but likely....

by David Hathaway, lewrockwell.com

The federal response will definitely come.  It will likely be in three areas; two of which don’t involve the Bundys specifically.  First, a multi-faceted attack will be made on the Bundys; second, a broad-front regulatory response against other land users will be made for the purpose of retaliation against the whole group and as a deterrent; and third, new provocateur deployments will probably be made across the West into similar situations. 2,187 more words

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Wanky Classism: Behind VICE’s Thug-Bashing Narrative

Hipsters of the world, unite!

A spectre is haunting VICE – the spectre of the working class.

After thrashing England’s “Young Douchebags” and debunking the… 1,707 more words

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Before I go out to Play

I must do the honours here.

I have posted on all blogs, mostly satire-type thingies, I have watered the plants, I have replanted a mamão… 324 more words