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"TERFs are the new Westboro Baptist Church"

The only thing wrong with Fallon Fox’s analysis, posted over at TransAdvocate, is that I think some serious consideration needs to be given to the degree to which they (or elements thereof) overlap with the old Westboro Baptist Church.

The Aristocrats

I'll believe its a crisis

when they start acting as if it is a crisis.

I will note that she has a “science” background (geology) but was apparently so good at it, she became a “science historian”.



In Beirut, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, an idiot man who holds the power, it enables it to issue a decree that obliges all the women of the Islamic state, to undergo infibulation barbarism. 86 more words


I guess it's OK to be the party of science

as long as it fits your narrative.  Otherwise, not so much.

People are losing their jobs because they don’t have enough “right think”, even if the data shows different.


Gun fire in the streets: 5 minutes of panic

This morning, well fairly close to noon, Ray woke me up to tell me he was heading to work.

He normally leaves around 9am, but lately he’s been going to the office later so he can work on the Internet at home before meeting with clients. 531 more words