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The sheer idiocy

is astounding.  At least there are some adults.

BTW, BPA is the monomer used to produce polycarbonates.


Ukip say Thanet street abuse 'thugs' were organised imposters out to discredit them

Ukip say ‘thugs’ who shouted abuse at locals who refused to take Ukip leaflets were imposters trying to damage the party’s reputation

A group of men shouted abuse at Thanet locals while handing out Ukip leaflets on Sunday – but the party say they were part of an organised campaign of imposters out to discredit them. 411 more words


I'll believe it's a crisis

when they start acting as if it were a crisis.  Warning: Autoplay video.

Climate Mafia

You Do Realize...

…that the Republican anti-abortion theater event yesterday was not the attempt to pass the anti-choice bill but, rather, the alleged opposition to it from the Republican women… 96 more words


I Blog For My Humanity

Someone asked me the question “why do you blog?” I understand that there are many people out there who have niches that they write about. One thing that they can propagate and build an audience off of. 573 more words