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Life of Si

MonkeyBroth’s own life-style guru, agony aunt and part time goat hunter, Simon Thrombosis helps you with those tricky life decisions and problems. And with no formal training too! 571 more words


Penn State Pulls Offer to Sayreville High School Recruit - Local Pot Calls Kettle Black

The voice of morality and always doing their best effort to help children, Penn State has pulled their offer to allow one of the high school students from Sayreville involved in “Thumbgate” from playing for the team next season. 77 more words


The Opposable Thumb(.it)

So what good does a thumb have? I mean, it’s just a part of your hand, (should be) shorter than your pinky, and it’s so  451 more words

New Social Media

Thumb and the Roller Coaster of Gartner's Hype Cycle

Don’t know about Gartner’s Hype Cycle? You probably should. That’s fine, I’m not here to be a professor, so watch this British instructional video for a brief overview--it will sound a lot better coming from them than me because we all know British accents are cool. 330 more words


Rule of Thumb: Typical Users

Hello and good afternoon, Insiders. It has been tough finding information about the type of people who typically use Thumb.IT.  Seeing as the site prides itself of the anonymity among its users it has been difficult to come up with a way to find the prototypical user of Thumb. 441 more words

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Latest Review - Thumb

The next series of post will feature the social networking app “Thumb”. We gave this app a 3 out of 5 and through the next few days you’ll be learning why. 19 more words


TwtApp: Twtpoll

Hello fellow social media insiders. I have been researching competitors to our beloved Thumb.IT app and have just found a very similar app which is compatible to a very well known social media outlet. 466 more words

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