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How to define a general recurrence function in Clojure

I had an idea for a general function for recurrence relations in Clojure:

(defn recurrence 
    (concat inits (lazy-seq (map f windows)))))

Then, for example, we can define the Fibonacci sequence as… 71 more words


How to Change Thumbnail of a YouTube Video

We will teach you how to change or set thumbnail image of a YouTube video. You just have to follow our step-by-step guide:- 99 more words


iOS 8 How-to: Customize and disable the contacts section in the multitasking interface

Multitasking dramatically got redesigned with iOS 7. With iOS 8, Multitasking added a shortcut to the people who are most important to you. In this how to, I will discuss customizing the people that appear at the top, using multitasking to contact your important people, as well as disabling it. 473 more words


Làm sao hiển thị thumbnail ở trang quản lí WP-Admin?

Như các bạn đã biết, thumbnail là những ảnh được lấy từ bài viết hoặc link nào đó mà khi bạn share lên mạng xã hội thì sẽ hiện ảnh đó ra. 49 more words

Backbone Featured Image URL


If you are using Backbone theme, within this theme you can find a lot of page templates you can use. One of them that is very interesting is  444 more words


Sketching Challenges, Week 39!

Another week of putting marks on paper! Enjoying the thumbnail silhouettes, so I did a few more.

Thanks for viewing, enjoy your week!


Day 963 - Thumbnail

I have a funny feeling I’ve taken a photo like this before…

Taken by Simon Greene

Amateur Photography