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Schizophrenic Spring

It is spring in Utah and that means a variety of extreme weather patterns that change at a moment’s notice. One can often experience the warm sun on a tank topped shoulder followed by a brisk breeze, a shower of rain, hail chunks or snow inside of two hours. 415 more words



A ‘Highly Unusual’ Triple Threat of Storms Over North America

This afternoon, it was thundersnowing in San Francisco, blizzarding in the Dakotas, and gusting furiously off the coast of New England. 235 more words

Just Saying

Big League Bros: Jim Cantore

This guy… A pros pro.  Guy has a kid rushing at him during a live shot, and what does he do?  Well of course he does what only Cantore would do (see above).   85 more words


I’m beginning to think this winter will never end.  And so, clearly, are the weatherfolk.

One of our alarms is my clock-radio, set to go off at 6.37 (really 6.32, as I have it 5 minutes fast) each weekday morning.  525 more words


Having lived in Minnesota for almost my entire life, I’ve grown used to weather that has a singular goal.

By that I mean we are regularly subjected to weather whose only purpose is the eradication of every living thing that comes into contact with it. 933 more words


I'm not overly fond of what follows....

Well, about half of my workplace called in sick this week, which was pretty interesting. It was less “interesting” and more “really really awful” for the people who actually wound up sick in this little adventure, but for once I was in the “healthy” camp. 194 more words


2.20: Thundersnow

That’s right, thundersnow.  A delightful mix of a thunder storm and snow storm.  Eldora is all but shut down because of the slushie mess and I’m already dreading having to go outside tomorrow.  9 more words

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