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It's the Little Things

Sometimes the small things mean the most like:
1. A text from your friend saying she’s proud of you.
2. A dance party to the new Taylor Swift song (whatever – you know this is catching stuff). 128 more words

How To Act Around Someone Who Was Just Diagnosed With Cancer

This story originally appeared on xoJane.com.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer two years ago.

It was a confusing whirlwind where I felt more alive than ever, then flushed with the irony of that, became scared and isolated. 1,594 more words

The Base-boll Shurt

A few weeks ago it was picture time at the daycare where my children attend. Zander and Lilah each had a different assigned day and since they only go part time they were only scheduled to be there one of the two days. 895 more words

RAI: Solitary Confinement Survival Kit!

(RAI: Radioactive Iodine)

I have looked and looked and simply found nothing but vague lists on what I should bring to the hospital during my days long stay after being given radioactive iodine (next week)! 162 more words

Thyroid cancer rates three times higher among women; rise in number of sufferers: statistics

ABC News 16 October 2014

The rate of thyroid cancer among young Victorian women has increased by more than six per cent in the past two decades, new figures show. 37 more words

Clinical Pathology

Pink month,er, green?red?yellow?

I have had numerous cancers in my 54 years.

Cervical,to start, then breast, then thyroid, and sprinkle in some skin cancer along the way.

I was at the dermatologist today having a squamous cell carcinoma taken off my face located in front of my right ear.I had four biopsies last month, and cock-eyed optimist, me,well, I had made this appointment today with hope of going in only to get biopsy stitches out.Hah! 240 more words


After 17 years away, Stittsville's Anne Lewis returns to jazz singing

The first time that Anne Lewis put her pursuit of music on hold, it was by choice, to raise a family as a single mom and work full-time in the public service. 838 more words