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Iodine Deficiency in Women with Dr. Daryl Turner from Eternity Medicine Institute

The lack of Iodine in our diets can lead to many hormonal complications; and if you’re a women the chance of having children less smart than the average IQ. 40 more words


Another Monday

If only that was true.

Since being at home with a baby I have loved Monday. I look forward to the weekend too, having my husband and my Big Boy home. 378 more words

Improved Screening Has Led to False Rise in Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

Thyroid cancer appears to be on the rise in many areas of the world, although recent research suggests this may be more due to over-diagnosis than an actual increase in incidence. 856 more words



A post named after a John Mayer song today.

I always expected to have a daughter. I don’t know why exactly, I know it is not in my hands, I just always expected it. 1,004 more words

South Korean court rules for plaintiff, link between nuclear power plant radiation and cancer -- Citizen-Scientist: International Symposium on Radiation Protection

” SEOUL–A South Korean court for the first time has ruled in favor of a plaintiff claiming a link between radiation from a nuclear power plant and cancer—a verdict that could trigger similar lawsuits in a country that depends heavily on nuclear power. 791 more words


How Thyroid Cancer and Hypothyroidism Changed My Body

Here’s a link to my post detailing my Cancer diagnosis and treatment timeline .

I used to have a very predictable, dependable body. I knew how much exercise I had to do to work off that cookie I had at lunch. 1,094 more words


Life is an opportunity, not a challenge

One of the hardest lessons I think I’ve had to learn is, there’s no magic fix to your problems. The clearest example of this is when I was depressed and coming towards the end of my time in Basel, I was convinced that moving back to England would set me free of it all. 1,159 more words