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Life is an opportunity, not a challenge

One of the hardest lessons I think I’ve had to learn is, there’s no magic fix to your problems. The clearest example of this is when I was depressed and coming towards the end of my time in Basel, I was convinced that moving back to England would set me free of it all. 1,159 more words



Another post named after a song I like.

I had my appointment with the surgeon yesterday. It went great. Surgery in 7 sleeps. Time to pump, pump, pump that breast milk! 344 more words


I have a constant heartache. The love you feel for your children cannot be explained or understood by non-parents. It is different than the kind of love you feel for a partner or another family member. 359 more words

Cancer and Psersonal Spiritual Realism

Majid Ali, M.D.

An individual with cancer has special needs for support. Such support can come from different sources. Spirituality is one of those sources. 93 more words


Thyroid Cancer - Types and Incidences

Majid Ali, M.D.

Thyroid cancers are classified according to the microscopic features of the tumors. Following are major types:

1. Papillary thyroid cancer (75% to 85% of cases) 46 more words


Is it OK to feel OK?

Today I have felt OK. Three days after my thyroid cancer diagnosis, this seems shocking. In fact I have felt nearly good.

I guess relief from the uncertainty before the diagnosis is kicking in. 256 more words

The Good Cancer

After going through a major surgery with left me without a thyroid gland, loss of voice and looking like Frankenstein; a visit to the ER because of dangerously low calcium levels, numerous blood tests and doctors’ visits, and a radiation treatment which meant being locked up in my room for a week; they tell me that the ribbon for Thyroid Cancer is Blue, Teal and Pink and the symbol is a butterfly! 724 more words