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The Winter Under My Skin

Tomorrow is Oct. 1st.

It begins with the cold,
gradual and heavy.
It seeps into fingers and toes,
easily confused with the seasonal chill.
But no amount of wool or fleece provides relief. 302 more words


Can my sick thyroid become euthyroid again? It is possible!

Euthyroid is the medical term for normal thyroid. It refers to a a thyroid that tests in the normal range for thyroid antibodies and thyroid hormones. 1,181 more words

I Need to Work Out and Cook More Often

I have a confession to make: it’s been about a week and a half since I worked out. Mostly, this is due to a transition to a standing desk at work, which has done wonders for my posture, and I can feel the extra work my legs are doing (because by Friday, they are SORE). 736 more words


More cruelty free favorites!

While I have a small break between doctor appointments, school, and the kids I decided to share more CF favorites. Some are oldies but some are brand spankin new to me and I love them. 457 more words

Military Wife

Monday Meltdown

Well the old me would have had a meltdown, at least internally.  Boiling over with frustration and stress.

Current me was just very annoyed.

It started out with almost no sleep last night.   374 more words


Natural Remedies?

So here I sit on a plane bound for San Juan, Puerto Rico trying to make another sporadic Lyme update. I suppose let’s start with the problems…  In May my LLMD did some routine bloodwork and found my TSH levels to be low. 232 more words



“Perspective is amazing!  It’s always interesting to see how a little bump in the road changes it…changes the view from where we thought we were going. 193 more words