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There are several reference points we can use to plot out iodine dosages for a variety of disorders that beg for the use of iodine for successful treatment. 1,083 more words


Happy Hashimoto's Thyroid Thanksgiving

If my thyroid were a person, it would be that guy I dated once.  Tall, dark, handsome and elusive.  You know the type.  Well, my hope is you don’t but, if you do, you remember how he seemed to be everything you never knew you wanted.   1,704 more words


50 Basic Facts About Me!

Hey fellow warriors!

As I said, I’d like to use this entry to help us get to know each other a little bit better! Without further adieu, here are 50 basic/random facts about me. 1,845 more words


Another Setback

Hey, lovely!

So, I hope you’re doing all right! Happy Early Thanksgiving since I most likely won’t be making an entry Thursday. : )

Okay, now better get to the subject of this entry. 337 more words


The results are in...

And there’s no cancer! Woot!

The doctor’s office called me a little while ago and kindly advised me that the results of my biopsy came back normal. 93 more words

I'm Sick, part 2

More news since ‘I’m Sick’….

I went in for my biopsy today.
It was pretty awful but, fortunately, brief.
Six pokes on each side of my neck (lidocaine and the actualy biopsy). 52 more words

Health & Beauty

Iodine Deficiency in Women with Dr. Daryl Turner from Eternity Medicine Institute

The lack of Iodine in our diets can lead to many hormonal complications; and if you’re a women the chance of having children less smart than the average IQ. 40 more words