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"College Student (Nikki Ferraro) Uses Experience Battling Cancer To Help Others"

JMU Student found out she had thyroid cancer in high school and now helps others cope with the awful disease. She created Bite Me Cancer. 19 more words

Is It Menopause or Your Thyroid?

Each day, thousands of middle aged women visit their doctors with complaints of infrequent periods, weight gain and fatigue. In most cases, these women are diagnosed with symptoms of menopause and sent home with information about lifestyle modifications and treatment options to alleviate the symptoms. 138 more words


Ain't Entirely Clean

I know many sites, pages and blogs that are so respectably wheat and gluten (and dairy, and allergen) free.

Me though, am not. (a disclaimer of sorts I guess) 189 more words

I'm back. New Year. New Struggle.

Last year, to make it through the pain, I had to construct a rigid guideline for myself to follow to heal. When I needed to vent and was trying to save my friends I would write and cry in my blog. 565 more words

The Feeling of Trudging Through Mud

So, I have a thing, which requires medication that I take on a daily basis, mostly at the same time each day. I ran out of my correct dosage on Sunday and couldn’t pick anymore up until today. 155 more words


Today, I bought an entire cookie cake for one piece...

…then threw it away.

As of Sunday (before I ate 47 pounds of potatoes and ├ęclair cake) I am down 2 whole dress sizes! Last week I worked my butt OFF, literally, I guess! 278 more words