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Northbound Anxiety Line

It’s Wednesday. This week feels like it has gone on and on. And bloody on!
There has been a fair bit riding on this week because I’ve had a scheduled thyroid test and a long awaited nurse appointment at the fertility clinic to get started on our next round of IVF. 723 more words


Happy HUMP Day!

So it’s Wednesday, I don’t know about you, but I am TIRED…. I had to get up at 2am last night after going to bed at midnight to pick up my sister-in-law from the ER (her little boy wasn’t feeling all that well).   389 more words

Weight Loss

Thyroid‬ ‪‎Cancer‬ ‪‎Survivor‬:

FROM THE DESK OF DOCTOR ROUSE, Pharmacist and Doctor of Natural Medicine:

Visi Energy: The Arctic Root and Cordyceps are worth their weight in gold. 362 more words


Beauty, Self Worth, Changing Bodies

Hi .  I haven’t written anything in eons, but thought I would share a link to an incredible article:  http://hypothyroidmom.com/its-a-beautiful-thing/

It is written for women with hypothyroid – Hashimoto’s , but I know one of my #1 search engine terms that gets people to my blog is “why does Lyme Disease cause weight gain?” It impacts all of us, I think.   58 more words

Lyme Disease


The last time I saw my doctor in October, I explained to him that the depression had gotten better, but was still not perfect. I also told him that I was sleeping deeper on what he gave me, however it didn’t seem to be helping my energy levels during the day. 290 more words


Thyroid Ultrasound and Biopsy

Today was the day. My bi-yearly thyroid ultrasound. I’m very used to the process, by now. Can’t tell you how many thyroid ultrasounds I’ve had, but I’m here to provide you with information on how one of these visits goes. 486 more words


Shankha Mudra

Formation: Bring the left hand thumb to the base of the right thumb and wrap other fingers of right hand around the left thumb. Join the tip of right thumb to the tips of left hand index and middle fingers. 46 more words

Hasta Mudra