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First step treatment of Graves Disease

Number one issue for all autoimmune diseases is diet.

For majority of my life I was a junk food addict I loved potato chips, popcorn , fish and chips and cheese + ham toasties (yes they are junk food) I’m not sure everyone realises – I certainly didn’t- but we have chemicals added to EVERYTHING, even our vegetables ;( – this is why organic is best. 407 more words


Another Day with No Answers

I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t hear from my doctor today. The lab technician who drew my blood said all the lab results would be back by Friday, so I wait until about 1pm and called the office. 583 more words

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Fight Club: Sea Salt vs. Regular Salt

Sea salt is on everyone’s lips. But is there any reason to believe that it is better than plain ol’ salt? What’s the story, morning glory? 608 more words

Nutrition Facts

Do I Have ADD?

August 19, 2014

I often wonder if I have ADD or is my problem related to some other health issues I have. Let me lay out the symptoms: 361 more words

Tyroidectomy Recovery: Two Weeks Later

Today marks two weeks and one day since my total thyroidectomy. I’ve been waking up a bit sluggish the past two days. It’s not unbearable and once I get moving I feel back to my old self. 45 more words


Supporting Your Thyroid Health: A Culinary Nutrition and Wellness Workshop with Fran

Did you know that an estimated 20 million Americans – especially women – suffer from thyroid disease, yet 60% of people are completely unaware that they have it? 253 more words

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My Thyroid & Me

My symptoms started in March. Well, they actually started years, perhaps decades earlier, but they became unignorable in March. Fevers of 101, 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Laying on the floor of the shower because the dizziness had escalated nearly to loss of consciousness. 1,120 more words