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January 31, 2015

Today I woke in Bryan’s arms, which was such a nice and comforting feeling.  We spent probably an hour after we woke up kissing and cuddling.  507 more words

My Journey to the Healthiest Me- Part1

I currently use many Complimentary and Alternative Medicine therapies in my day-to-day life. I get a massage every month, attend yoga once a week, and I meditate each night. 662 more words

Acid Reflux

Hatred is the true enemy.

I think most find times when they hate their bodies. But I moved past that, to complete separation. In my mind, I referred to it as my shell, because I felt I was a hollow shell of the person I used to be. 574 more words


Walking dead - and no, its not the movie

Walking dead. Sounds more like a movie title (oh wait, it is a movie title), but in this case, its not.  It is basically what the doctor called me when I went in for results of a recent blood test. 776 more words

Health And Wellness

Show 'em what you're made of

I’ve seen it all a thousand times

Falling down I’m still alive, am I? Am I?
So hard to breathe when the water’s high
No need to swim I’ll learn to fly, so high, so high…

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Week 1 Elim. Diet in review

I had read in the write-ups before this diet that there were certain people that would feel life hanging benefits from trying the process and I had seriously hoped to be one of them. 281 more words



What the Health?

It all started back in 2009, when I started at my last job. I started part-time and then within 3 months was offered a full-time position on the graveyard shift. 3,231 more words

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