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My first autograph

While I was on vacation last week the damndest thing happened to me: Someone asked me for my autograph. (Now, to be clear, they had never heard of me before and probably will never hear of me again, but that’s not the point.) I was talking to the owner of a local tobacco shop, the one my father always used to go to and the conversation somehow got around to me being a fiction author. 125 more words


Polar Opposites

My big girl cannot wait to get out of the cold. She wants to come home and enjoy wearing flip flops and also wants to sweat. 57 more words



We’ve never seen Sophie in as serious as “study mode” as she’s been in recently. She seems to be taking high school very seriously and we can’t be happier. 40 more words


Referent Power

It’s amazing what you can uncover from conversations with your children. This has always been the case with our precocious little one. A portion of our dinner conversation after her dance recital keeps playing back in my head. 318 more words


Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Singapore

What an amusing take on Seurat’s iconic piece. I love how Eugene Soh shows Singaporean hipsters sprawled about with their cell phones and DSLR cameras. It’s great commentary on contemporary life in Singapore.