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"Twerking" Knows No Bounds

Sarah gleefully shared some posts from her Facebook feed with me earlier. I amused her greatly with my reaction to a sign that her soon to be dorm neighbours out up. 49 more words


Peter & Jane at the Art Gallery

This had me in stitches! Wish I could incorporate some of these in the talks I give on contemporary art…I must find a way to – with the right audience of course! 7 more words


Laughing Rats?


Wait a second.  Was that just a rat?

Rats appear to laugh when tickled!  It’s true!  (Not that you would want to tickle a rat…) 22 more words


"National Council of Predictive Gambling"!

We get the good intentions of wanting to prevent problem gambling…. we all can’t stop laughing about this!
This article sums it up: link here

Keep it going, Die Nationalmannschaft!