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Global Climate Tickling

Over at the gocomics.com comments they’re having another temperature tempest over today’s cartoon. Facts aren’t very much in evidence.  They never are when they blow their nose in the face of the truth.

Comic Commentary

Just some Friday afternoon silliness:

Daddy got home early today, around two. We were hanging around on the bed just chillin all cool (cause that’s how we roll). Daddy kept tickle attacking me randomly so, when the opportunity presented itself, who could blame a girl for sneak attacking him!? 304 more words

I belt you won't believe this

I had the strangest dream last night:
Darren and I were living together again and we only had one belt between us. We had a roster made up to remind us whose turn it was to wear it. 84 more words


Bubbles, Animal Crackers & Ice Cream Cones

These little cuties were definitely having a wonderful week staying at grandma and grandpa’s house. So glad they were able to get a photo session in too. 69 more words

Animal Cracker Snack Breaks

Mission statement, blog vision

Sometimes, thoughts tickle less when they’re out of the head and down on the page. The reason, therefore, for this blog is to make my head tickle less. 132 more words

The Cure for Preschooler Tantrums

I’m no child psychologist. I’m no parenting expert or know-it-all commentator. But I think I discovered a method by which I’m able to diffuse my oldest daughter’s most epic blowouts in seconds. 417 more words