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#RPGaDAY 31: Wildburry, Cape Suzette, and Perach

While the rules are not necessarily the game (especially since many game systems are used in more than one RPG), I’m gonna say that “best RPG” has been covered in one way or another by days 6, 12, 18, 20, 21, and 25. 1,398 more words


Cassandra Clare Posts a new Short Story!

So, I just finished reading the new story she wrote, and I thought I would share if you’re interested. She already puts a disclaimer, but this story does involve Jem and Tessa, so if you don’t like that, don’t read it. 30 more words

Cassandra Clare

i'm a weirdo

not a nice title i suppose, but it is the truth.

hal-hal yang membuat saya di cap “aneh”

1. what do you mean by “too much black?” 749 more words


Taylor Swift book tag

Hi there,
I’m about a quarter through House of Hades (Ahh so good) so my combined booktalk on the Heroes of Olympus series will be here soon. 839 more words


#RPGaDAY 28: Dread

The scariest games I’ve ever played have all been sessions of Dread. Let me tell you about our very first playtest of the game. We already had most of the rules there (plus a few extraneous bits that we thankfully dumped before we published), so it was pretty much what you’ve played if you’ve played… 287 more words


#RPGaDAY 27: Amaranthine

Why publish a new edition of an RPG? Cynically, I might say “to milk the fans of more money”, but let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt. 1,762 more words


#RPGaDAY 25: Aria

There are several games on my “to play” list that I’ve not gotten to play, and some of these are because the other players weren’t interested. 455 more words