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Lord Vetinari was a practical man. He would never wish for his enemies to be bitten by the slowly-but-irreversibly fatal bite of the tick-clock tarantula, no. 81 more words


Productive Flights

Now you no longer have to wait till your plane had landed and taxied off the active runway before switching on your cell phone,tablet,PDA,laptop and other gadgets.The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has now lifted the ban on the use of personal electronic devices at all times during a flight, provided they are used in a non-transmitting or “Airplane” mode. 59 more words


Kings' Estates

A measure of power and the ability to project force has always been at the heart of property ownership.Any body willing to conquer, colonize, squat, legislate, litigate, subvent the existing system etc. 250 more words


Origin Of The Term Real-Estate

The oldest document using a term recognizable as ‘real estate’ in historical records is dated 1605.This use of ‘real’ reflects the ancient feudal customs in relation to land and the its ownership introduced into England over 500 years earlier, by William the Conqueror in 1066.The word ‘real’ is descended (like French ‘royal’ and Spanish ‘real’) from the Latin word for ‘king’. 2,107 more words


A Mystery

Dear me, in what area of human life were the early eighties not a low point?

Again, a vinyl record sleeve is telltale. This time it´s the 1982 Hot Chocolate “Mystery” record which shows bikes. 187 more words


A Little look into my crazy world

I am currently almost finished with this school year and I going for a job interview tomorrow!

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War and Peace

Write with permanent marker and then erase!

I love to find little tricks that make life just a little bit easier… then share them with you!
This is a trick that I have been using for some time. 177 more words