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I'm in the news again

On Yahoo this time. It’s a lovely piece and I am dying of fangirlness to be in the same piece as Paromita Vohra! EEEEEEEE!

I have only two quibbles. 287 more words


Keeping Records For Your US Business With Professional Accountant Services

Keeping your company’s books may be your least favorite thing about running your own business. Despite your dislike of this chore, it still must be done, however. 776 more words


Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

Tomorrow starts the annual 31 Days of posting that I have been reading for several years now. 177 more words


When the old is better than the new

Have you ever loved something so fully, so wholly that the idea of trying to enjoy it in any form other than the original experience was unheard of – altogether avoided? 529 more words


Prompting Inspiration

I am inspired, yet also repelled, by our homework today: Prompts. I’ve got to admit, I’m one of those who seeks inspiration; I put on my writing hat, my grammar gloves and ten-dollar-word boots and I trek across the interwebs, searching for prompt lists and advent fic calendars. 232 more words


Danielle Steel - The House

Do read the book to understand how to let money expand the possibilities in your life rather than merely hoarding it.

Money making is fun.But its pretty sad, if money is all you have in life. 38 more words


Luxury Linen Care

Setting stunning holiday tables is an art form for many Palm Beach hosts and hostesses. The décor sets the mood for the entire meal. This is the time of year –the calm before the storm– to spruce up all of your precious heirloom linens for the coming season. 208 more words