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The Beach-ay at Mompiche

Last weekend ended up being a three day weekend, as the President decided to move a national holiday (Guayaquil’s Independence Day) from the 9th (Thursday) to the 10th (Friday). 395 more words


Waves are Rolling

Waves are rolling cresting crashing
meeting sand and shell-strewn shore.
Seaweed and ocean debris outline
the fleeting history of high tides,
moon-driven restless ocean motion. 31 more words


She Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore

A couple of weeks ago when we went snorkeling, Jamen and I made an acquaintance with an elderly woman. She was collecting sea shells and pebbles, and clearing the shore of the seaweeds. 1,120 more words



My second visit to Lamma Island started in the ferry landing at Yung Shue Wan, on the northern side of the island. It was a day for dragon boat racing, so the harbor was specially decked out and groups of rowers sat in their boats waiting to begin. 556 more words