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322. Teachers are slobs

Firstly, let me just say I’m not trying to be mean and please don’t take offence, but it’s true.

Just take a look in any teachers’ staff room or kitchen area, this is a staff room in Japan and I think it proves that this is a global issue! 89 more words

Making Life Better!

Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Six: Toys

Strewn about, Little Tykes have certainly been here, leaving their buggies unmanned and trainsets derailed and littering the lawn with drool-encrusted fabric books and cuddly bunnies. 84 more words

Man-made Objects

Starting with a note

Last Sunday as directed by the information inside the unwanted Avon magazine I placed it outside of my front door with a very polite not that read something like ‘I do not require any further copies of the Avon magazine, kind regards’. 302 more words

Plug tidy

All neat and tidy in the same place, a dab of nail varnish can help organise.

Match a dab on an item with a dab on the plug, but remember when painting it on to opening a window!


Why you shuold get a Cleaner ?! (part 2)

If you can make more money per hour doing something else

If you can make more money per hour doing the work you love then it makes financial sense to get a cleaner. 85 more words


An utter mess...

With all these small projects I have going, you know… the photo collection, my dads boxes, DVD project and collection all sorts of stuff in boxes for my neighbour to have a look, before I get rid of them, my house is in shambles. 238 more words


Office & Commercial Cleaning

Keeping your work space clean & tidy can make the difference between winning a new client contract and retaining one. Businesses that use a reliable and quality cleaning company like Surrey’s Neat Freaks not only provide a much better working environment for their employees but can also benefit from making the right impression on their clients and customers. 176 more words