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What if . . . You are incorrectly judged or incorrectly judge others

So imagine the scene:

A normally very tidy person, wakes up late one morning and due to the lateness, leaves their normally tidy flat untidy. Not just a little bit but with an unmade bed, dirty dishes left from breakfast (scrambled eggs were hurriedly made in a pan) slippers left in the middle of the living room and dressing gown and night clothes flung on the unmade bed. 344 more words


Spirit of Giving, Animism

I have a rather animistic relationship with my possessions and potential possessions.  I find them in a somewhat psychic shopping style, and buy them in a love at first sight condition.   648 more words


Joy To The World

Because three Facebook pages and a weekly blog aren’t enough non-work-related typing for me, I also write book reviews for Blogging for Books.
The latest book that I reviewed was t… 736 more words

Bad Habits – Being Untidy

Some people are naturally a little untidy, some people are naturally very tidy… me? I’m neither. Being untidy for me is a bad habit. I always plan to be tidy in my mind but I never actually put it into practice. 767 more words


Lists – Love/Hate

Aren’t lists such a wonderful thing? They keep you on track, help you to plan and give you an enormous feeling of satisfaction once they are complete. 726 more words


The End/A New Beginning - Pageless Design

The final stage of building the site was to open Dreamweaver and actually create the site.  as you can see below, I reached an almost complete site with a html file linked with a css file. 415 more words


Sometimes you just need to remember who you are

Sometimes you just need to stop and remember. Remember where you are, where you’re from, where you have been. Sometimes we can get so busy in the doing-ness of life that we can forget that we were beings first. 325 more words

Finding Balance