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10.25.14 pumpkin on the run

So…. I did something. Remember the forlorn pumpkin from yesterday? I spent the day imagining the little kid who made it. He or she must be two or three. 191 more words

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the race of my life. [NWM 14 race recap]

Last Sunday I ran the Nike Women’s 13.1 in San Francisco (thanks again, #NikeLA for having me!)  It was an incredible race in so many ways — I want to share all of the aspects of the weekend but the race recap comes first. 846 more words


Weekends with Liv - San Fran Craziness

I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to post. But, I DID IT!! I ran my first Half-Marathon!

It was the most fun I have ever had running. 319 more words

Weekends With Liv

What Lies Beneath Extraordinary Affordable Luxury

Even the most expensive diamonds shine the brightest when they are set in a chic frame like Tiffany’s. That is why viewing the legendary film with Audrey Hepburn must be arranged no other way than in a rooftop garden of Central London in the company of four elegant rose flamingoes. 539 more words

Audrey Hepburn

10.22.14 one great blog

The other day Heather , the clever blogger behind HeatherBergdahl.com nominated me for a Lovely Blog, or One Great Blog. Being locked into a weird wordpress loop I can’t find the proper name for the thing :/ but I remember how it works! 473 more words

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Beauty, Oscar de la Renta

Above is a photo of me standing outside of Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue, NYC the first time I visited New York City. I was determined to love the wet, dirty smell of the busy city and the too-bright lights of Time Square that… 856 more words