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9.19.14 enamelada

Today’s solitary lonesome bangle: Japanese black lacquer by Elsa Peretti from my mom that is so large, I can almost never wear it because no jacket sleeve fits over the darn thing. 58 more words

Today's Bangle

Tiffany Inspired Cake Tutorial

I saw these colours being used in a wedding cake on a TV show and instantly wanted to design my own.  So the next order I got, they had no choice, they were getting a tiffany inspired cake! 892 more words


Brightening Things Up Around Here: China Glaze For Audrey

I feel like I’ve been so negative in my past couple of posts. Maybe not negative but whiney, drole, and repetitive because everything has been fall, Fall, AND MORE FALL. 550 more words

Nail Polish

Moving Out

So why is it that the last ten percent of items take so long to pack?! Small things crowded into boxes which are getting ever fuller and smaller for that matter… Why is it there is only ever small boxes left at the end?! 130 more words

Read novellas part 1

At the moment I’m in the process of self publishing my novella after many years of tears, hard work and rejections. I don’t know why its so hard to get a novella published since they are shorter, often better reads that get to the point and don’t break your wrist in the process. 347 more words


9.13.14 Dateless Day

Finally my replacement UP arrived! To celebrate this fact, I’m all over turquoise… in the wristular area.
Left hand: silver & turquoise dating back to when I was in grade school and mad for turquoise, and a Tiffany’s chain of hearts from my dad. 62 more words


9.11.14 Fran Sandisco Summer

It’s hot here today but I expect the fog will roll in later. Today’s bangles are mostly cuffs: xo Elsa Peretti, turquoise cuff I got in Maine when I was about ten, turquoise and silver bracelet from Mexico, and the horn bangles. 58 more words

Today's Bangle