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Earth to Amy Chua's Children?

SOS to other former tiger cubs so I know this is all worth it. So I know I’ll be thankful to my parents when this is all done and past. 206 more words

Boys to Men

It is fascinating to notice the body language change in a tiger as it grows. I saw this one at 2 months and now he is 6 months old. 74 more words


Jae Jae's cubs

Title: Jae Jae’s child
Camera: Canon Eos 550d
Location: London zoo, regents park


Successful School Night for Scouting

Pack 370 is excited to welcome a great new group of boys and their adult partners to the scouting world.  Pack 370 held our annual school night for scouting on Thursday, August 28th and signed up new scouts ranging from 1st to 5th grade.   58 more words

Sariska Tribe Increases Further

Another good news from Sariska during monsoon. First it was sighting of  ST2 with two cubs and now ST10 one of the twin sisters shifted to Sariska from Ranthambhore has been sighted with two cubs. 331 more words


Sora, Sori, Rotri

Nasze tygryski sumatrzańskie mają już 8 tygodni i zgodnie z okrutnym prawem parków zoo-rozrywki za kilka dni będą musiały pożegnać się z mamą i zacząć samodzielne życie na kangurzynie i mleku w proszku. 222 more words

Indonezja- ZOO