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Sheena Sujan

Sheena Sujan is a model and designer and figure skater and your crush today. Let’s pick her brain, shall we?  923 more words



My daughter´s class in preschool is the class of the tigers.
How wonderful, I thought, that at the age of 3 you learn that you are a powerful creature. 30 more words

Ferocious Love

rabbid dog howls,
lathering infection,
spits at love.

rampant yawns,
sharp teeth tell,
none shall pass.

ferocious pacing.
small cage.
waiting for prey.

striped by love,
blackened fear
flicks the tail

Ferocious love

rabbid dog howls
lathering infection
spits at love

rampant yawns
sharp teeth tell
none shall pass

ferocious pacing
small cage
waiting for prey

striped by love… 6 more words


We visited the Nandankhana Zoological Park in Orissa about a week ago. I’ve been to a few zoos / sanctuaries in India and so far this one is the best by far. 383 more words



returning to his old school,
Roy vanquished
childhood warnings
by running up and down
the corridor
with scissors in his hand
and, so doing, liberated himself… 16 more words

Odds And Sods