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Garden lore: Friday 26 September

Who doesn’t love lavender? Even I, with my oft-repeated concern about the over-use of edging plants and how that can render any garden depressingly suburban, have to admit that there is something romantic about a sea of lavender. 228 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Established espalier

Most of the drawings and photographs I have seen of espaliered fruit trees are at the initial stage, showing how to start. So when I saw established examples of espalier in England, I photographed them. 439 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Petal carpets, the garden in September

We do good spring gardens in New Zealand. This is just as well in Taranaki, because spring stretches out well past the prescribed three months – from August to early December, I would suggest. 706 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Points of interest

Punctuation points. That is what clipped shrubs can be. Very effective punctuation points, at that.

Formal gardens will often have pretty much everything clipped. If you have ever been to many Italian gardens, you may have noted the inclination to clip everything – at times to within an inch of its life. 682 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Plant Collector: Magnolia Iolanthe

I cannot let the season pass without celebrating magnolias. At this time of the year we live and breathe these flowering trees and the settled weather has meant a particularly good season this year. 307 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Garden Lore

A garden is a delight to the eye, and a solace to the soul; it soothes angry passions, and produces that pleasure which is a foretaste of Paradise.

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Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

At the stake

Mindful of how badly most of us stake plants, I have been looking at alternative strategies.
Delphiniums are usually problematic. Rather than staking each flower spike individually, having a clump of them enables them to be retained invisibly. 499 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden