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Instagram like filters and a bit of Tilt-shift!

So, on checking around a bit I found this very informative page on Instagram type filters that you can apply to your regular photos. Most are FREE and don’t require a subscription. 117 more words

Mike Hope

New eGuide: Tilt & Shift Lenses

You’ve probably heard of them and might know basically how they work. However, tilt & shift lenses are such a versatile lens that they have many uses. 58 more words

Miniature Effect: How to create the Tilt Shift Effect in Photoshop

Hi everyone,

in this Photoshop CS5 tutorial I will show you how to create the Tilt Shift effect to make images look like a miniature scale model.This effect is also known as diorama effect or diorama illusion. 317 more words


November 15 2014

Last night in Atlanta. I wish I had more time to roam the streets here… also I kinda’ want the 17mm tilt shift lens now


Week 8, everybody.

You know what that means? THIS QUARTER IS ALMOST DONE. Hallelujah.

At this point, I just want it to all be over. I’ve heard that junior year is the hardest from multiple people, but even with the warnings, this quarter hit me hard. 227 more words

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