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12 resources explain Tim Berners-Lee's campaign for open data

Think back: Before Yo, before the cloud, before ubiquitous mobile connectivity, you first interacted with the Internet in your desktop browser. Sir Tim Berners-Lee and others who built the first database of linked information that later became the web haven’t stopped thinking about those early days, and how we can defend the open culture the Internet had then. 648 more words

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Liberi si nu prea

Se gindea oare in anul 1989 Tim Berners-Lee, inventatorul internetului, ca peste 25 de ani vom avea nevoie de o reglementare a acestui mediu care a devenit astazi o amenintare la adresa democratiei? 295 more words


Ellie's assessment of the internet

I’m at work. My phone pings. Ellie’s sent me a text.

It reads: “The internet is just one big thought experiment to see how far intellectual property laws stretch.” 418 more words


The day I turned down Tim Berners-Lee By: Ian Ritchie

 This was probably one of the less interesting Ted Talks we have watched. This Ted Talk was basically about when he told Tim Berners Lee no, as he explained to him about wanted to create the “World Wide Web.” I don’t think he was very interested in the idea. 14 more words

TED Talk Responses

Ian Ritchie ( Video Response )

Truthfully I didn’t really get this video. I heard him talking but I really didn’t understand what he was saying to be honest. All I know is that Tim Berners-Lee came to him with a proposition and he turned him down and basically did not believe in him or what he brought to him. 62 more words

Video Response

TED Talk; Ian Ritchie: The day I turned down Tim Berners-Lee

I didn’t really quite understand this TED I mean he explained things very well but I just didn’t understand. Also this one was boring and he didn’t really catch my attention. 99 more words

TED Talk

Internet, Content & the Internet Generation

There are things you tend to take for granted until you think about them. For years I took the internet for granted as it became increasingly more important for individuals, organisations, systems of administration and society at large. 933 more words

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