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The day I turned down Tim Berners-Lee - Ian Ritchie

Imagine it’s late 1990, and you’ve just met a nice young man named Tim Berners-Lee, who starts telling you about his proposed system called the World Wide Web. 24 more words


Digital Amnesia: Where did the old internet go? Or, the SpaceJam site circa 1996 has been updated...

I remember walking across the ploughed furrows of a field with my grandfather as a child, him picking a small stone from the soil and showing it to me. 434 more words

वेब का इतिहास-(History of the Web)!!

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वेब का इतिहास(History of the Web)

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, about 20 years after the first connection was established over what is today known as the Internet.

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A surfing leviathan

The Internet: a virtual wild west of our own creation.

Since its ‘invention’ by Sir Tim Berners-Lee our lives have been captured, transfixed and enslaved by a leviathan which straddles the globe. 418 more words


Unlawful Things: The enduring appeal of Doctor Faustus

Marlowe’s best-known play Doctor Faustus was a major inspiration for Unlawful Things. Is there such a thing as too much knowledge? When should mysteries be left unsolved? 373 more words



The conference/exhibition center where I am spending my time at the moment is in Korea and is called Corex. I wonder why? Anyway, it is well sited as just across the road there is a Buddhist temple. 139 more words

How does it get better in the future? – Web 3.0

There are endless discussions on the web about where do we go next. As documented by Anderson, Tim Berners-Lee purports his vision of the Semantic Web where the web and information posted on the web is extended with more meaning allowing for far more information to be processed by machines. 293 more words