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The passing of time.

The world-wide-web is now twenty-five years old.

I was doing a quick search through previous posts and, to my horror, found that I had published a post when the ‘web’ was twenty-years old.   576 more words


Learning at a Distance


In beginning to understand the current status of learning-at-a-distance, I thought a good starting point would be to offer a brief personal perspective on its evolution. 551 more words

Distance Educaiton

Five lessons at Twenty Five

June is my birthday month. This June I met the Queen & Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace, sat at a breakfast table with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Lady Martha Lane-Fox, Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Boris (all at the same time) and was called into meet with one of the most senior people of the company I currently work at. 995 more words

Social Enterprise

How the Internet is like one big DRUM CIRCLE

Have you ever viewed the Internet as one big DRUM CIRCLE? Think again.

In this TED talk, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Internet gives his view of a world-wide & open Internet, with free and open participation on the web. 149 more words

Drum Circles

The Web is more a social creation than a technical one...

Tim Berners- Lee on “the spirit of international and social collaboration” when starting the WWW.

No matter what time period we look at in the third wave economy, or the “knowledge age” as…

579 more words

12 resources explain Tim Berners-Lee's campaign for open data

Think back: Before Yo, before the cloud, before ubiquitous mobile connectivity, you first interacted with the Internet in your desktop browser. Sir Tim Berners-Lee and others who built the first database of linked information that later became the web haven’t stopped thinking about those early days, and how we can defend the open culture the Internet had then. 648 more words

Recommended Reading

Liberi si nu prea

Se gindea oare in anul 1989 Tim Berners-Lee, inventatorul internetului, ca peste 25 de ani vom avea nevoie de o reglementare a acestui mediu care a devenit astazi o amenintare la adresa democratiei? 295 more words