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A 25-Year Timeline Of The World Wide Web

While some concepts of the Internet date back to the 1950s, the public-facing World Wide Web traces its history back 25 years.

Here is a timeline: 392 more words


History of the Web

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, about 20 years after the first connection was established over what is today known as the Internet. 780 more words


Inventor of Internet Tells Putin Web Is 'Not a CIA Creation'

The inventor of the world wide web refuted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assertion that the Internet is a “CIA project,” Reuters reports. The statement comes… 142 more words

Web Inventor Says Internet Should Be 'Human Right'

The Associated Press

The computer scientist credited with inventing the World Wide Web says affordable access to the Internet should be recognized as a human right, as a report showed that billions of people still cannot go online and government surveillance and censorship are increasing. 230 more words

Web report: Online surveillance and censorship are getting worse

Mass online surveillance and censorship of what people see on the web appear to be getting worse, according to the latest Web Index report from Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Foundation. 591 more words

Web inventor says Internet should be 'human right'

Tim Berners-Lee said on Thursday the Internet can help tackle inequality but only if it comes with the rights to privacy and freedom of expression.

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No fate but what we make - Creating a Semantic Web

Many Sci Fi fans will recognise that this week’s title and the image above both come from Terminator 2, a film in which in a dystopian future, an Artificial Intelligence defence system called Skynet has waged war against humanity. 866 more words

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