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SoulTrail - My Million-Dollar App

With this post, I am hereby launching a Kickstarter project to fund my latest idea for the perfect app. Every time I come up with something that I think will make me a bajillionaire someone has already done it, or someone swoops in and steals the idea. 827 more words

Tim Braun

Lunchtime Woes

I find myself sitting here at the office trying to wait for 45 minutes until 10:30am so that I don’t look like a complete idiot heating up my lunch while everyone else is still getting coffee and crumpets and crap. 7 more words

Tim Braun

LOLing at the LOL

I had the following instant message exchange lately with a co-worker:

OTHERWISE RESPECTED CO-WORKER:    When are you going to be here next week?

MY INNOCENT SELF:      43 more words

Tim Braun

Weather Reporting 101

Many of you will say that the best kinds of blogs that I write are the kind where I don’t have to write much. I’m sure you meant that in the most positive way possible, Mom. 519 more words

Tim Braun

Global Apocalypse: AVOIDED!

I don’t mean to panic anyone, but yesterday was the day when it all could have come crashing down around us. It would have been slow, and you may not have even known it was occurring, but occurring it was and I am just thankful for the quick reaction of our public servants to prevent what may have been the beginning of the end. 632 more words

Tim Braun

The One That Burns My Butt

Just a short note to let you know that once again I find myself on the hot seat. In my office building, meetings are stacked up like arriving flights at Chicago O’Hare. 336 more words

Tim Braun

Shaking the Fist Bump

I’m a simple person filled with simple thoughts and simple plans. Simply put, I’m a bit of a simpleton. That’s why when the roaring choo-choo of ideas comes at me flying all willy-nilly down the tracks, I prefer to just jump on the first boxcar that has a door open and fight the hobos that live inside for my tiny corner of train real estate. 999 more words

Tim Braun