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CASE STUDY: The Telephone - Annoying or Irritating?

I’m an email guy from way back. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “What could be said over a telephone call can now be typed word for word in complete clarity with a simple press of a letter on a keyboard – sent nearly as fast as a telephone call – and with complete 100% 860 more words

Tim Braun

A Paranormal Happening: Virginia Edition

Paranormal Case File:            05-103014-2205z
Date:                                       October 30, 2014
Timing of Event:                     Approximately 2139z – 2205z
Location:                                 Atop Bull Run Mountain, Virginia


As an avid nature lover who is constantly at one with the environment and its synergies, I have had the great privilege of being able to place high-tech trail cams around the upper stretches of Bull Run Mountain in Northern Virginia. 751 more words

Tim Braun

The Airman's Guide to the Venturi Effect

One of the many tidbits of information I had to learn when studying for my Private Pilot’s license, in addition to going to the bathroom BEFORE the flight started and not spitting into the propeller, was the Venturi Effect. 882 more words

Tim Braun

A Wooden Floor Cereal Unboxing

Welcome to the second edition of my Cereal Unboxing reviews. The first edition was roundly applauded/criticized/praised/slammed by all of you – so thank you for your comments  Today we take on one of THOSE cereals that you never would buy on your own because it’s in that part of the grocery store where they put down wooden floors and try to make you think that you’re buying something ‘special’. 650 more words

Tim Braun

Training Your Neighbors 101

We have lived here in the same house, practically in the same neighborhood, almost in the same county, nearly in the same state and most definitely in the same country for almost 20 years now. 857 more words

Tim Braun

The Great Cereal Unboxing: Rocky Mountain Style

I have recently become aware of two facts of life that all peoples of the world should be cognizant of.

  • There are literally things called ‘unboxing’ videos on the internet.
  • 839 more words
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