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The Nightmare of Creating.... Continuous

I ushered in the change of seasons by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. What a creative portal-fantasy story! Watching it years later, with new eyes, I analyze everything and I see the brilliance in the darkly beautiful story. 290 more words


Three Things That Inspired Me This Week

I have been looking for inspiration a great deal this week because I feel like I’ve been in a creative rut. Here are three rungs of the ladder I used to climb out of that rut. 124 more words


Review: The Boxtrolls: The Most Creative Use of Cardboard Ever

Sometimes the best gifts really do come in boxes

2014 | 100 minutes | Dir. Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi | Focus Features Stop- motion animation takes time.  432 more words


Sweeney Todd: a picture of a deleted scene

Sweeney Todd, what a story. Still unclear if this barber with the passion for revenge and a profound hate for humanity because of an injustice he had received from society realistically was existed once. 150 more words

Johnny Depp

She and Me (con)

As much as i liked our interaction of being flirty i hope she knew that the dead and the living couldn’t be together or even be “together.” she died decades ago that means she is older than i am but she doesn’t look it and on top of that “she who looks underage will put your ass in a cage.” there were a lot of judgements from from the other staff talking about how crazy i am. 338 more words


Traps, Monsters & The Beauty of Survival

Every woman should find herself THE PERFECT GAME. And this game should be able to let you ravish in cute darkness and distract yourself from your earthly responsibilities.

152 more words

Box Trolls

The new Tim Burton for kids. Well, not exactly. Unlike Disney Movies, Paranorman and Box Trolls are not for kids. They are kind of creepy and the innuendos aren’t hidden. 132 more words

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