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The Creepy Christmas Concert

The hilarious thing is, I actually wrote a post for Thursday. And I thought I hit ‘submit’, when in reality I hit ‘draft’ again, so it was just sitting in my drafts sections until I took a look this morning. 533 more words


Big Eyes

I am so excited for Big Eyes – the upcoming movie from Tim Burton. For those who aren’t familiar with the storyline it is based on the true events of Margaret (Amy Adams) and Walter Keane’s (Christoph Waltz) life, love and ultimate loss. 339 more words

A Language Not Always Universal

Since I first heard this Junot Diaz quote I’ve been intrigued:

“Motherfuckers will read a book that’s 1/3 elvish, but put two sentences in Spanish and White people think we’re taking over.” – Junot Diaz… 455 more words

He make ice kachang with his hands

My friends say that Kim looks like she is dancing in ice kachang flakes when Edward Scissorhands does his ice sculptures.

P.S: Did not draw the nose because I am not good with noses. 10 more words

Not Lemon Tarts


     (my apologies for the crappy post. I am on mobile and this is quite daunting, but seeing as how I haven’t posted a thing in days, I figured I would put something, anything out.) 127 more words

10 Incredible experiences I have had for FREE

#1 The Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA

A few years ago my friend and I were waiting in a very long line, extremely early in the morning to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA. 2,071 more words