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What Can We Expect From WWDC 2014

By The iDad

With Apples annual WWDC fast approaching many tech bloggers like myself are starting their lists about what apple may debut to us on June 2nd. 530 more words


Did Wall Street ever believe in Apple, or only in Steve Jobs?

“Apple’s stock price currently hovers in the low $520s, a far cry from the days of AAPL closing just over $700,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. 98 more words


iWatch: Apple is not here to entertain you

“Apple has only ’60 days left to either come up with or they will disappear,’ analyst Trip Chowdhry told CNBC last month. ‘It will become a zombie, if they don’t come up with an iWatch,’” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. 176 more words


iWatch coming in Q3 of 2014: Rumours

Ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted, rumours have spread across the whole world about iWatch. But when it is coming? The answer to the iWatch rumors is really interesting. 244 more words


Auburn University video with Jeff Williams, Bob Iger profiles Tim Cook in honor of Lifetime Achievement award

(Photo via Auburn University)

Following Apple CEO Tim Cook being honored with Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences Lifetime Achievement award last December, the university in Alabama from which Tim Cook graduated has shared a video profiling the Apple CEO and his impact at Auburn. 173 more words

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Apple again dominates consumer tech sector — and the entire SV150

“One could get whiplash looking at Apple’s performance in 2013,” Patrick May reports for The San Jose Mercury News. “No major new innovation was announced. But a huge new partnership with China Mobile is expected to goose iPhone sales among that carrier’s 776 million subscribers. 196 more words


Tim Cook calls on Congress to pass Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter on Friday to voice his position on a potential new law currently being considering by the United States Congress. 412 more words

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