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Tim Cook is already subtly explaining why we need an iPad Pro

”Apple is reportedly working on a larger 12-inch iPad, which some have been calling the ‘iPad Pro,'” Lisa Eadicicco writes for Business Insider. “It’s expected to have a 12-inch screen and may even come with a stylus.” 183 more words


India: A Thriving Market For Apple

It was sometime in 70s when Steve Jobs was drawn towards India to seek spiritual solace. Along with his friend Dan Kottke he began his one or three-month-long spiritual journey. 933 more words

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Jeff Williams: Apple CEO material

”One thing became abundantly clear after analyzing Apple’s recent earnings report: Jeff Williams is doing a phenomenal job,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon.

“As senior vice president of Operations, Williams is tasked with making sure the Apple machine is well-oiled and in tip-top shape, not only capable of producing more than 100 million iOS devices in a quarter, but building flexibility into the system to handle annual hardware updates that would make most hardware companies quiver with fear,” Cybart writes. 116 more words


Senator Rand Paul finds Democratic partner for tax repatriation holiday

”Senators Rand Paul and Barbara Boxer are proposing a tax incentive for U.S. companies to bring home their offshore cash stockpiles and pledging to use that revenue to fund highways,” Richard Rubin reports for Bloomberg. 604 more words


Jim Cramer: Apple, 'the greatest company on the face of the Earth,' is going to roll higher this year

”Apple reported yet another mind-blowing quarter this week, and while Jim Cramer is already hearing the skeptical questions from investors—he thinks this amazing stock could roar even higher this year,” Abigail Stevenson reports for CNBC. 192 more words


El Apple Watch llegará a las vidrieras en Abril del 2015

Ya es oficial, el Apple Watch llegará a las vidrieras en abril del 2015. El propio Tim Cook confirmó la fecha, pero no dio precisiones sobre el día que lo hará ni los países en los que arribará primero. 176 more words


Boosted by iPhone 6 sales, Apple ties with Samsung for top smartphone rank

The iPhone 6 has sold so well that Apple tied with Samsung for the top position in the smartphone market in the fourth quarter, closing the gap with its South Korean competitor. 327 more words

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