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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Comes to the Gulbenkian!

Directed by Jim Sharman

Starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick

Before I start this review, let me just say that this film is not for everyone; its content will chill you, thrill you, and astound you… in every way possible. 361 more words


AMV Roundup! Dragon Age- I Put A Spell on You

Sure, throw all my obsessions into a blender, why don’t you. Tim Curry+Dragon Age? Sheer awesomeness. (Actually, Tim Curry was involved in DA:O, as the voice of Arl Howe–How(e) about that? 131 more words


Stuck in My Head #2: “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie

-or- Sysiphus for the modern era, (and by “modern era,” I mean the 1930s as seen through the lens of the 1980s which happens to be scarily reflective of today) 4,399 more words

John Huston

New Chapter of Naughty Meets Nautical! (and other writing business)

A new chapter just went up on Wattpad for “Naughty Meets Nautical” (the story in which Dr. Frank N. Furter and Captain Jack Sparrow come together on the high seas for laughs and love and drama). 121 more words

Rocky Horror


A SHOW of hands, please, of those who know Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green or Mrs. Peacock. North Americans suspect these people of murder performed mysteriously and variously by revolver, rope, knife, lead pipe or wrench in the kitchen, ballroom, conservatory, dining room, library, billiard room, lounge, study or the hall. 624 more words

The Game Is Afoot

Clue (1985)

Title: Clue
Director: Jonathan Linn
Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Year: 1985
Grade: F
Comments: This idea I fear was a bit ill-conceived as far as the making of a motion picture (see Battleship (2012)(I have to ask you to see it because there’s no way I ever will)). 74 more words


Music to Make Horror Movies By: Tim Curry

This truly calls for some high heels and fishnets! Renowned for his lascivious portrayals in such cult classics as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and… 77 more words