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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show review

One of the most well known cult films that has a die hard fan base that would make Packer fans look sensible is here. 480 more words

Saving Santa: Seasonal DVD Review

Directors: Leon Joosen and Aaron Seelman

If Arthur Christmas and Back to the Future had a child it would be Saving Santa; a slightly manic Christmas tale that tries to retain the traditional elements of a Christmas story while injecting it with some sci-fiction along the way. 305 more words

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"A Triple Does of Tim Curry In Tales From The Crypt"

The day of the door-to-door salesman has virtually, all but vanished as a profession. A once viable occupation for someone who had either charismatic looks, or the gift of gab, has been replaced by computers and telephones. 1,594 more words

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you’ve never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’re in luck. Tomorrow, October 24th, the Dover Public Library will be having a special after hours free showing of the film at 8:30 PM. 271 more words


Clue- (Jonathan Lynn, 1985)

Overview- Basically, this is a film that is based on the famous game, Cluedo. There are several guests who are invited to a house and each are given a fake name (Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet etc.) Then a guest is murdered and the staff and guests must investigate and solve the murder together although many expect each other. 223 more words

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“Don’t dream it, be it.”
Unless “being” gets you fired.
Then, you just dream it.


The Weekly Geekout: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Well folks, it’s October again, which means that it’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) season. For the uninitiated, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a movie bred of a love of B horror movies, science fiction and campy musical theatre. 491 more words

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