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Spotlight on: Robin (DC Comics)

No Holy anything, Batman

Robin, the Boy Wonder has a terrible PR agent. His image is tainted by cheesy catchphrases, a bare-legged costume with pixie boots, and rumored romantic feelings for Batman. 1,402 more words


Batgirl #30 - Review

By: Marguerite Bennett (writer), Robert Gill (artist), Romulo Fajardo Jr. (colorist)

The Story: If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call?

In the fallout of… 1,296 more words

DC Comics

Batman Arkham Knight Trailer First Impressions

Tom and Chris give their first impressions of the new Arkham Knight trailer, beware a few spoilers from the previous Arkham games! You can see the original trailer here – … 9 more words

Flashback: The Creeper, Red Robin, Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Clock King, CSA Ultraman

Eventually my character selection led me to a situation where I could no longer get away with simpler, handpainted detailing — decals became the order of the day. 432 more words


Fan-Cast: Batman, part 2: Robin

Let me get right to it…

If the powers-that-be at Warner Bros. were planning a new series of Batman movies (which I assume they are), and they asked my advice (yeah, right!) about including Robin, I would recommend leaving Batman/Bruce solo for the first trilogy. 951 more words

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