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Not checking email is a dumb idea

I really like the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss – I admire people that think differently and are confident enough to put forward their ideas. 148 more words

Creating Systems: Outthinking Genius And Learning From The Best

Systems make anything easy; they allow us to perform anything in the most efficient and effective way possible. More importantly, they allow even the ungifted and untalented to learn and perform with great ease. 221 more words


Over the course of my life I’ve always yearned to learn, most that know me understand how many questions I ask or thoughts I deliver during a day. 530 more words


I Call Bullsh*t: "It's not the style, it's the practitioner"

“Who oh why are human beings so hard to teach, but so easy to deceive.” -Dio Chrysostom

“Above all, never fool yourself, and remember that you are the easiest person to fool.” -Charlie Munger… 297 more words

14-day Pre-Christmas Food Photo-Diary Challenge

Recently, possibly due to a number of reasons, including stress, complacency, procrastination and acquisition of a new kitchen “toy”, I’ve been a little naughty with my healthy and exercise routine. 307 more words


Tested templates to Virtual Assistants

Template 1: looking for contacts

Dear xxx,

Thank you. I would like to start with the following task.

TASK: I need to find the names and emails of editors of men’s magazines in the US (for example: maxim, stuff, GQ, esquire, blender, etc.) who also have written books. 817 more words


5 podcasts that will change your life

Not long (more precisely this summer) I’ve discovered an incredible source of FREE learning. The Podcasts. Either you want to learn about fitness, finance, travel or what not, you can find a podcast out there for. 491 more words