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How to Drink Coffee Without Feeling Crazy

The average coffee drinker consumes over three cups a day, and spends over $160 per year on the stuff. How many of those cups do you think the consumer actually enjoys? 859 more words

An Introduction to the art of Sleep Hacking: Sleep Deeper, Sleep Less, Improve Your Life!

Time = the MOST valuable commodity in the World!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and how many times have you found yourself saying, “if only there were a few more hours left in the day”.   550 more words


These are a few of my Favorite Things: Blogs Edition

This is the first post in my new series I’m calling These are a Few of my Favorite Things. There are a million different topics my clients ask me about, from what grocery stores to shop in to what protein powders I like to what magazines I get my recipes from or what food documentary they should watch next, and… 525 more words

Starting Your Own Nutrition Business

At a glance - July 28th 2014

As time goes by, I find interesting courses that I add to my MBA to address my personal interests. Below is a Gantt chart representing my progress so far. 96 more words


Lifestyle Design: what is it?

Ever find yourself sitting at your desk day dreaming about exotic locations, or counting down to those long bank holiday weekends to fulfill your dreams. The feeling of helplessness when you realize that three of your friends have decided to get married on 3 consecutive weeks on opposite ends of the country, and they want you to be their bridesmaid. 534 more words


Time Management Tips

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I am a serial list maker. My friends joke that I have lists of the lists I need to make. (It’s funny because it’s true). 487 more words