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Heroes: Reborn - Oh We Can Be Heroes... Just For One Day

If ever there was a moment whether the compulsion to laugh or cry is confused, this is certainly it. With this whole fad of reboots and revivals of films and TV shows in recent years (i.e.: RoboCop, … 425 more words


NBC Revives Canceled Series as 'HEROES REBORN'

In a resurrection worthy of regenerating cheerleader Claire Bennet, the canceled superhero drama HEROES is coming back to NBC in 2015 as a 13-episode miniseries called HEROES REBORN. 571 more words

Cult TV

Save the Cheerleader, Save the TV Show

In genre-land, you can be the biggest thing on Planet Pop Culture one minute before you’re a property that people are rolling their eyes at the next. 138 more words


[NEWS] NBC's 'Heroes' Returning In 2015

Often regarded as the most popular supernatural show of all-time, NBC has officially announced that ‘Heroes’ will return in a 13-episode limited-event series. The official news about… 261 more words

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We don't need another Heroes

In a narrative arc befitting its source material, long-dead superhero drama Heroes has escaped its tomb to avenge its passing. There is unfinished business for this show, and that would be to pile yet more disappointment on the show’s once-devoted fans. 414 more words


Heroes Returns to NBC in 2015

Remember Heroes? Wasn’t that a pretty cool season of television? Sure, it dragged a bit at points but, on the whole, it always seemed fairly interesting and compelling. 388 more words


Heroes Is Coming Back...Kinda

Hit sci-fi TV series Heroes is set to return for 13 new episodes next year under the title Heroes Reborn, it has been announced. 259 more words