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A Krishna Das-Tim Miller workshop is happening

We asked for it, we got it. We also guess we should have specified: In California.

But kirtan-yoigi-bhaktis can’t be choosers.

Next year, Tim Miller and Krishna Das will be joining forces for a workshop at the Garrison Institute in New York. 197 more words

Tim Miller

Come again?

I don’t have a natural body awareness. Hence, it’s not always easy for me to translate even a visual example of how to do an asana or breathing technique. 1,084 more words

Of Course They Don't

It turns out as Tim Miller told us, that fear and Mula Bandha do not like to dwell in the same body spot. You kind of have to choose who you want to sponsor/host. 78 more words

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Even the word 'yoga ... had negative effects'

Do not, I repeat do not, even think about trying to do yoga in a school. If you are in Austria.

The land of Arnold (I think I have that right) might be super pumped about body building, but not so much about yoga, as this… 152 more words



I’ve been sitting like this since the second grade at least.

I have tried to modify since I started practice, but this is pretty much why I cannot disengage my shoulders away from my ears, and why pointing my chin towards the ceiling hurts my neck. 37 more words

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A good time for reflection

You’ll understand why when you read Tim Miller’s latest:

Our auspicious week continues on Wednesday with the beginning of Rosh Hashanah—Jewish New Year– at sundown. 

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Fourth Walls The World Over Are Shitting Bricks As Deadpool Movie Is Slated For Feb 12 2016 Release

I have to apologize to whosoever might by my Valentine in 2016. Not just because you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with me (so probably a romantic session of laser tag followed by a nice long walk by the library), but also because I will want to talk about one thing and one thing only: that Deadpool movie. 667 more words

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