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A good time for reflection

You’ll understand why when you read Tim Miller’s latest:

Our auspicious week continues on Wednesday with the beginning of Rosh Hashanah—Jewish New Year– at sundown. 

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Fourth Walls The World Over Are Shitting Bricks As Deadpool Movie Is Slated For Feb 12 2016 Release

I have to apologize to whosoever might by my Valentine in 2016. Not just because you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with me (so probably a romantic session of laser tag followed by a nice long walk by the library), but also because I will want to talk about one thing and one thing only: that Deadpool movie. 667 more words

Film & TV

Deadpool Movie Will Reportedly Be PG-13

While nothing has been officially reported yet, Schmoes Know has reportedly has claimed that they’ve heard from director Tim Miller that the film will be PG-13. 188 more words


The Deadpool Movie, PG-13 Ratings, And Why It Doesn't Have To Be Terrible

For those of you here for the news, last week, 20th Century Fox announced that they’re doing a Deadpooll movie. YAY! New news is that this movie will not be the “Hard R” rated flick that comic book fans have been dying for. 1,708 more words

Comic Books

Rumors Stir Up a PG-13 Rating for Fox's 'Deadpool' Movie

A Deadpool movie has been through production hell for years – they even shot test footage – until now. Twentieth Century Fox’s big announcement last week has had Marvel comics fans celebrating in the streets, but a recent development may put a stop to that ruckus. 450 more words

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'Deadpool' May Be Gunning For A PG-13 Rating

Deadpool is, among other things, a guy who kills a lot of people and makes obscene jokes. And apparently, he will have to kill people bloodlessly and make slightly less obscene jokes, as his movie is now heading for a PG-13 rating, at least according to rumor. 158 more words


Is the Deadpool film hoping for a PG-13 rating?

After a long wait an a hell of a lot of hoping the Deadpool movie is finally happening, not only that but the film also has a February 12th, 2016 release date, too.   244 more words