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A Krishna Das-Tim Miller retreat? Yes, please

I’m pulling something out of Tim Miller’s latest blog post — all about his time at Bhakti Fest this past weekend — that, I realize, probably shines too much light on it, but the idea is just too enticing not to mention: A Krishna Das & Tim Miller retreat. 410 more words

Tim Miller

Friday’s Metro high school football summaries

Anderson Co.







So. Oldham







SO - Adam Clark 20 run (Drew Koch kick); SO – Adam Clark 10 run (Drew Koch kick); AC - Landon Curry 59 pass from Zach Carmichael (Landon Curry kick); SO - Kevin Kuriger 64 run (Drew Koch kick); AC - Bryndon Labhart 2 run (Landon Curry kick); SO - Starr Thompson (Drew Koch kick); AC – Bryndon Labhart 31 run (Landon Curry kick); AC – Braydon Russell 17 run (Landon Curry kick); SO – Kevin Kuriger 4 run (Drew Koch kick); SO – Michael McGee 83 run (Drew Koch kick); AC - Dusty Pickett 6 pass from Zach Carmichael (Dusty Pickett rush); SO - FG Drew Koch 30; AC - Chris Toomey 21 pass from Zach Carmichael (Landon Curry kick); SO – Conner John 32 interception return (Drew Koch kick) 1,246 more words


U.S. Broadcast Details for the 2015 UCI Road World Championships

Tejay van Garderen, right, and Taylor Phinney (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

LOS ANGELES and RICHMOND, Va. (September 8, 2014) – Richmond 2015 and Universal Sports Network announced today a media partnership for next year’s 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Va., September 19-27, 2015. 535 more words


learning chakrasana

Chakrasana (Backward Somersault) presents both a physical and psychological challenge to many. Chakra means “wheel,” which correlates to both the rolling action of the somersault and the circular shape of the spine as you perform the pose. 391 more words


Next summer, you -- go to Mt. Shasta

If we haven’t convinced you yet you should spend a week (or two) with Tim Miller up on Mt. Shasta, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to do so. 235 more words

Tim Miller

The fire of the mountain

Maybe next year we will get up to Mt. Shasta for Tim Miller’s annual (now in its 22nd year) retreat/vacation to California’s crown chakra. Until then, we’ll just have to check the photos on Facebook and read up as Tim recounts the first few days of his time in his blog this week. 225 more words

Tim Miller

High Quality Test Footage Of That Proposed Ryan Reynolds 'Deadpool' Film

I’ve literally never read an issue of ‘Deadpool’ but I am aware of the character and how terribly he was mishandled in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. Ryan Reynolds seemed like a natural fit for the character but everything about that film was like a rusty coat hanger abortion. 54 more words